Beatrix, all of blue dressed to inaugurate a new exhibition

Queen Maxima and king Willem-Alexander of the netherlands have not yet made their re-entry. But, to their mother and mother-in-law, the holidays are over. Princess Beatrix was, in fact, mobilized for this Friday 24 August 2018 on behalf of the crown.

The Kaiser has lived in the netherlands under the protection of queen Wilhelmina

The former sovereign has returned to Doorn, a Dutch village located in the province of Utrecht. There is the Huis Doorn, the manor house where the last emperor of Germany, Wilhelm II, lived in exile after his abdication on 9 November 1918. After you have bought this house and the 60 acres of forest adjacent, there lived, under the protection of queen Wilhelmina of the netherlands-the grand-mother Beatrix, may 15, 1920 until his death on 4 June 1941. Having retained its appearance from the time of the Kaiser, the house has been turned into a museum.

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All of blue dressed and headed, the ex-queen Beatrix came to inaugurate its new exhibition. Titled “Strength and sorrow in the picture”, it marks the centenary of the end of the First world War. It presents, through January 27, 2019, carved works from collections in germany and the netherlands referring to the First and Second world Wars. These are supplemented by the work of students of the Utrecht school of the Arts giving a present-day vision of these topics.

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