Beauty : 12 products based on aloe vera for a body hydrated in all circumstances

SHOPPING – Shampoo, day cream, gel cleanser, makeup remover, toothpaste… check out our selection of cosmetics based on aloe vera.

If you do not own the famous plant ofaloe vera that you can directly retrieve its more famous pulp, you can always opt for natural cosmetics that contain it. But before that, zoom in on a vital ingredient in your beauty routine. In fact, aloe vera has many virtues as much for your face, for your skin, your hair , or even… your teeth (its plant is rich in a score of minerals). On the skin, this gel natural moisturizes and nourishes cells to keep a luminous complexion.

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It also prevents ageing of the skin, prevents the appearance of wrinkles or spots and turns out to be an agent mattifying, healing and regenerating asit soothes the lesions. It should be as well quite for sensitive skin, mature or problem. On the hair, soothes the scalp, purifies and regulates the sebum production, it covers the hair greasy and prone to dandruff. It gives also lustre, shine and vitality to fine hair, dull and brittle and can also boost the shoot (it promotes the blood circulation of the scalp). Regarding the maintenance of mouth, the aloe vera can whiten teeth in a natural way.


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