Belgium : a television host and broadcaster has been accused in a case of robbery with violence

The television presenter for the belgian Stéphane Pauwels was charged Wednesday in a case of armed robbery with violence, and then released under judicial control, has announced the federal prosecutor’s office, belgian, competent in the field of organised crime. Stéphane Pauwels, 50 years, moderator on the channel RTL-TVI, is a face well-known on the small screen in Belgium, and is also involved in several programs of French tv channels (W9, M6, TF1) on the football. Presented to a magistrate of Mons (south) on Wednesday, the day after his arrest by the police, “he was charged and released on conditions”, said to AFP Wenke Roggen, a spokesperson for the federal prosecutor’s office.

The facilitator is suspected of being “a co-author of flight with the help of violence, with a weapon, the night and the band who used a vehicle,” said the magistrate. She did not want to speak on the conditions of the judicial review.

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The facts date back to march 2017. An armed robbery was then referred to a housing of Lasne, a common well-to-do located to the south of Brussels. The case, described in the media of the “home invasion” (which involves violence against the occupants of the house), has been attached to a statement made in a total of twenty acts of armed robbery, break and enter and drug trafficking. Five individuals are currently in preventive detention in the context of this folder, stressed Wenke Roggen. Stéphane Pauwels has chosen as lawyer, Sven Mary, famous in Belgium for having defended Salah Abdeslam, the only member still alive of the commandos of the attacks in paris, November 13, 2015 (130 dead).

Contacted by the press agency Belga, the RTL group Belgium did not want to comment on a case “a private matter”. In addition to his many interventions on the football competitions, Stéphane Pauwels anime on RTL-TVI is a program called “Storms of life”, telling about the trials that were able to cross the personalities are more or less known. “Life is rarely a long quiet river. For some, the existence can be especially difficult, so in a moment of happiness to the test”, is it explained on the site with the issue.

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