Beloved pet donkey stabbed and left for dead in suspected gang ‘initiation’ ritual

AN adorable donkey who has delighted thousands of kids with pleasure rides was knifed by a gang of thugs as part of a sick initiation ceremony, his owner fears.

Bimbo the donkey was found bleeding after being stabbed in his field in south London on Friday.

SWNS:South West News Service

His owner said Bimbo’s wounds looked like they’d been inflicted by a medium kitchen knife.[/caption]

His owner fears the attack was part of London’s escalating knife crime epidemic, and that members of a local gang targeted him as part of an initiation to show their “toughness.”

Lorayne, who looks after Bimbo and the rest of his herd in memory of her father, Len Thorne, who died in 2012, said she is “disgusted.”

She said: “I have had a few incidents with a local gang of yobs messing around with the donkeys but this is just beyond believe.

“There are issues around drugs and knife crime in this area.

SWNS:South West News Service

Bimbo’s owner describes him as like Victor Meldrew, as he always looks grumpy but never is.[/caption]

“I think it was part of some sort of gang initiation ceremony, the size of the wound looks like it’s been done with a medium kitchen knife.

“The way they stabbed him down on his back rather than upwards makes me think they didn’t really know what they were doing.

“It’s sickening.

“I call Bimbo the Victor Meldrew of the donkey world. He is always on his own and looks grumpy, but never is.

SWNS:South West News Service

Bimbo’s owner Lorayne took over his care after her father died in 2012.[/caption]

“Dad would have been devastated if he knew what had happened to Bimbo. He was his favourite and led him at his funeral.”

Bimbo belonged to Lorayne’s dad Len who ran rides on Blackheath, near Greenwich park in London for 65 years, as part of a family tradition dating back to the 1800s.

The attack happened sometime on Thursday and Friday last week and has been reported to cops.

There has been a worrying trend of innocent victims being stabbed by gang members as part of so-called initiations recently.


Earlier this month, nursery worker Christel Stainfield-Bruce, 36, was knifed in the thigh in Islington, north London, as she pushed her three-year-old in a pram.

Pals of Jodie Chesney, 17, killed in in Romford, Essex, also fear she was stabbed as a dare.

Lorayne said Bimbo was “up and down” after taking a turn for the worse when his wounds got infected.

She said: “I’d like to get my hands on them, put them in a field and let the general public do what they want with them.

“Anyone who harms an animal, child or elderly person needs to be locked away and the key thrown away.”

The donkey is in a state of shock and has contracted laminitis, a disease similar to thrombosis in humans.

But it is hoped he will pull through and be back out in his field in Eltham, South London, in the coming days.

Lucy Morris, the donkey minder who found Bimbo, has set up a go fund me campaign to cover the vet bills and install taller fences around the field.

It has raised more than £2,000.



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