Below Deck fans hope Lara Flumiani ‘won’t last long’ after having an ‘attitude problem’ in feud with boss Hannah Ferrier

BELOW Deck Mediterranean fans already want newcomer Lara Flumiani off the show after having an “attitude problem” with her boss and longtime star Hannah Ferrier.

The Italian second stewardess made a controversial entrance as she joined the Bravo series on tonight’s season five premiere.

Lara and Hannah feuded throughout the season five premiere
Fans immediately expressed the newest Bravo star was a “problem”

Lara was accused of giving “serious attitude” for “disrespecting” the Wellington’s chief stewardess, Hannah, 33, throughout the episode.

The brunette from Italy – who said she has a decade of ship experience – was not happy when she was told to clean the boat’s rooms.

She also symbolized a knife going through her heart when she was asked by her boss to set the dining room table.

“Really? You’re supposed to do that when I leave the room honey, not now,” Hannah said stunned during the employee meeting.

“I don’t think she has a sense of humor, she seems so uptight as well,” Lara fired off with a cringe in a confessional.

Lara was not thrilled she was asked to clean cabins aboard the boat
Hannah demanded her staffer start to show some “respect”

The Australian yacht worker later checked on her new staffer’s cleaning progress when she fired off:

“I’m still trying to get used to the boat, and I’m trying to work out where everything is.

“I can’t have you giving me attitude when we’re on service. I can’t have you on service when you’re like that.

“Just get in the cabin and make some beds or something. I can’t have that energy around me,” Hannah blasted in frustration.

Hannah has starred on Below Deck Mediterranean since season one
Getty Images – Getty
Lara claimed to have over a decade of experience

In a confessional, she dragged Lara further: “I think it was like day one or day two, she was like, ‘I’ve worked on over 40 boats, so I know what I’m doing!’ I’m like, that’s not a good thing.

“To work on 40 boats probably means you’re being fired a lot. That’s not something you brag about, honey! Retreat!”

Later in the episode, their feud came to a tense head when Lara completely failed to acknowledge her superior when given another assignment.

After not being able to find her due to a long dinner break, Hannah asked Lara to clear the main deck up but was met with silence and rolling eyes.

Fans felt bad for the Bravo star due to the “insubordination”
Many viewers voiced that Lara took it too far with her comments
Some fans do not think the Italian newbie will last on the yacht

Hannah followed Lara upstairs and demanded: “If you could just acknowledge me, that would be amazing.”

She doubled down after Lara insisted that is what she was doing, but the new reality star didn’t back down and bickered back-and-fourth.

“Whatever,” she said to her boss and added during a confessional: “If you’re mean to me, I’m mean back.”

“You don’t have time to say ‘okay’ to your chief stew?” Hannah asked to which Lara replied “no.”

“I would start showing a bit of respect if I was you,” the furious stew leader said before she walked away.

Fans are outraged with Lara’s behavior and already want the newbie off the Below Deck cast.

“Yeah, after this many dramatics on the first day of the first charter, I’m gonna go ahead and assume that Lara is the problem,” one viewer tweeted.

Another said: “Lara is out of line. She’s going to be the loose cannon.”

“Wow Lara is awful. Poor @hannahferrier_ having to put up with that insubordination,” someone who felt bad for Hannah wrote.

One person tweeted alongside a “bye Felicia” gif: “Lara is NOT going to last!”


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