Ben Shephard screams in disgust as a millipede WEES on him during Bushtucker trial on Good Morning Britain

BEN Shephard was horrified as he was weed on by a millipede during a fake Bushtucker trial during today’s Good Morning Britain.

With Noel Edmonds entering the jungle last night as The Emperor in a special task, the presenters chatted about his entrance before later taking part in a special task dedicated to him called, Squeal or No Squeal, after the game show he presented on.

The presenter sqealed as the millipede weed on his hand
He started to become unnerved when the insect unwinded

Ben was joined by Good Morning Britain’s Entertainment Editor Richard Arnold, Made In Chelsea star Ollie Locke and his fiance Gareth Locke, as the trio dipped their hand into a box containing a unknown jungle critter.

The contestants had to decide whether to squeal and hold the critter inside their own box for ten seconds or opt for the one inside the mystery box next to Ben and Kate Garraway.

Richard Arnold held a toad for the duration, whilst Ollie faced his phobia by handling a tarantula and Ollie’s fiance opted to swap cockroaches for the mystery box which contained a snake.

Following the segment, Ben held the millipede in his hand, but appeared unnerved when the insect began to unwind and started weeing on him as he let out a scream.

Richard Arnold, Ollie Locke and his fiance Gareth Locke took part in the Bushtucker trial
The task was cleverly named after Noel’s former show, Deal or No Deal

“Ah he is weeing on me!,”the 43-year-old presenter said.

He added, “I’m covered in millipede wee!”

Last night’s show saw Noel Edmonds, 69, enter the jungle and has already started getting on his fellow campmates nerves as he gives out orders under his new role as Emperor.

During the show, Noel paraded in a mock colosseum, the show’s biggest ever prop, and was told to divide the group.

But John, 51, moved his hand as he went to ask a question. Quick as a flash, Noel ordered him not to scratch his crotch while addressing the Emperor.

Noel joined the show during a task last night
Rex Features
Rita and John weren’t impressed by Noel’s new role
Rex Features

John did not appreciate the quip — setting up the first clash of the series. He told the Jungle Telegraph: “I know he was trying to make a joke and be funny but it didn’t land well with me.

“And for that moment — I’m probably being overly sensitive, and it’s at this exact time that my husband would say I need a sandwich. I’m an adult, I know that. It was just that moment and some of us are feeling ‘Arhhh’.”

But it wasn’t just John who became frustrated with the newcomer and his role.

Declan Donnelly, 43, revealed Rita Simons, 41, had an off-screen rant at Noel Edmonds on I’m A Celebrity.

He said: “John (Barrowman) has already started to crack, and Nick (Knowles) is biting his lip. Rita wasn’t happy yesterday down at the trial.

“It wasn’t in the show tonight but when we were filming the trial, Rita had a go didn’t she?

“Noel and Harry were kind of talking amongst themselves, and she went ‘weren’t you two listening?!’ And we were like “woaah.”’

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