Benjamin Castaldi explains why it has not been “a father copy”

Usually it is the women who self-flagellate, always quick to describe herself as a bad mother. But parity requires that, some father dare today to make their mea-culpa. Benjamin Castaldi is one of those.

Shrink from its responsibilities, this is not his style. Benjamin Castaldi is more the type to show solidarity. We remember the support it had given to his ex-wife, Flavie Flament, when she had had the guts to say the unsayable in The Consolation (JC Lattès). A book deeply moving in which she tells the story of the rape she suffered at the age of 13 years, without revealing the identity of his assailant, the photographer David Hamilton (who was revealed in the press). Before he is found dead in his apartment in the VIe arrondissement of Paris, on 25 November 2016.

Benjamin Castaldi is the father of three boys. Enzo, 14 years old, he has been with Flavie Flament, but also Julien and Simon (aged respectively 22 and 18 years old), born from his marriage with his first wife Valerie Sapienza. During an interview with the magazine Gala, the host was not afraid to confess that it has not always been as present for his son that he would have liked. “To be honest, I have not been a father of exemplary for my boys, far from it. The two great, for a long time, I had only one weekend on two. And yet, when my job allowed me, I caught up with me today“. A fault confessed in half redressed.

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