Benjamin Griveaux : when the spokesman of the government unplugs

The time of vacation of government has not come yet but Benjamin Griveaux has already donned his outfit of estivant – shorts and boat shoes – this Saturday. The terrace of the café du Palais-Royal, the spokesman for the government could pass for a tourist like the others. Would it be in such a hurry to pack up ? “Even if I take great pleasure in what I do, it has been a year objectively very hard,” notes the secretary of State, mobilized on all fronts media in recent days to clear landmines in the case of Benalla. The same morning, he reunited with his wife in the film ” The president’s men “, the story of the investigation of the two journalists on the scandal of Watergate. It does not invent.

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For its ten-eight days of leave, Benjamin Griveaux put first cape on his Burgundy native. Two days to relax in his house in the countryside of the côte chalonnaise with his wife, the lawyer, Julia Minkowski, and their two children of 4 and 6 years old. The Griveaux spin then in the Var for a dozen days. A villa by the sea, with family and friends. Not far from fort de Brégançon, residence resort couple Macron. “But no visit is scheduled, laugh our interlocutor. It is in any way in contact with the president via WhatsApp, even during the holidays. ”

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Benjamin Griveaux, it will not be able to totally disconnect. “My position is that I have to be careful on all subjects. The right to disconnect, I advocated for others and I apply quite a bit “, he smiles. If the minister does not exclude a return trip to Paris in the event of a disaster or emergency (” I hope we will not have a subjects heat wave or forest fires “), it has however to fully enjoy its spare time.
The program, a little effort : swimming in the morning with a mask and snorkel, boat, out with friends, jogging with Nirvana, The Doors, Kavinksy, or Polnareff in the headphones. If it is plugged in ” rock the old fashioned way “, this will not prevent him from going to see Julien Clerc in concert at Ramatuelle on August 8.

The minister’s gourmet will lace up her apron with all the greater pleasure that he has stopped smoking

Side comfort : nap (” In general, I sleep five hours a night, I’m going to catch me “), reading and cooking. He brought with him several books, including ” The flap “, by Philippe Lançon, ” The land of the dead “, a thriller by Jean-Christophe Grangé, and ” Homo Deus. A brief history of the future “, essay in anticipation of the Israeli Yuval Noah Harari. “And in the evening, I put myself in the kitchen,” says the one who admits to being a fan of the tv show ” Top chef “.

The minister’s gourmet will lace up her apron with all the greater pleasure that he stopped smoking three months ago, after twenty years of smoking. A promise – outfit of the day in the aftermath – to his 6 year old son. “I found the taste, especially wine,” enthuses the Bourguignon. The kitchen is all the more tasty. Much better in any case that the food policy around the controversy Benalla. About the opposition who would be tempted to revive the hostilities in the fall, Benjamin Griveaux quips : “The holidays will some, much needed, a lot of good. ”

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