Benjamin Pavard : how its new status as a “darling of the French public” changes his life

“Benjamin Pavard ! Benjamin Pavard ! I don’t think you know ! It comes out of nowhere, a strike of bastard, it was Benjamin Pavard !” How could I forget these words which have marked the World ? Almost unknown up to now, Benjamin Pavard became a legend overnight during the competition. It is more exact, at the match France-Argentina in the eighth-final, the footballer has made about him by putting an incredible goal, while the Blues had led 2-1. Today, Benjamin Pavard is even part of the candidates for the title of most beautiful goal of the world Cup 2018, an official competition organized by FIFA.

The young defender, 22 years of age who is swimming in happiness at the side of the ex-Miss France Rachel Legrain-Trapani, must now get used to his new life of celebrity ultra-hyped… and glorified. In an interview with The Team (on newsstands Saturday, July 21), as he was nicknamed, “the new darling of the French” evokes this change. “I think it’s the goal against Argentina that did it. The people I have found at this time”, he said. So far, the athlete wants to keep the head on the shoulders. “It is sure that my life is changing, it will change. But I’m not going to change for as much (…). I’m not someone who loses it, who takes the other to shit, I will always be the same”, he swears.

If Benjamin Pavard shows herself humble – so humble that a world Champion can be, he admits, however, that this new exhibition upsets him somewhat of his daily life. “I’m going to the service station and I take pictures of them (laughs), that’s the main change. I can’t do the full ! People recognize me more easily. I walk quietly in the street in Lille, it’s going to be virtually impossible. It gives obligations, it is necessary to make two times more attention to what you do. I’m not going to be able to do the joke in a loud voice, I’ll feel listened to, observed.” And to conclude : ” I am told that I became the darling of the French public (smile). But I remain myself.”

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