Best gel pens: From fine liners with a sturdy grip and erasers to metallic must-haves for children

GEL pens are an essential for everyone, from students to office workers, artists and young children.

But it is easy to be overwhelmed by the vast array of options for people out there – so how do you know which one to buy?

Best gel pens
Gel pens come in a vast array of sizes, colours and textures – but what are the best ones for you?

Artists, illustrators and journalists using shorthand will seek to find the pen with the finest tip for ultimate precision when they are working, or pens that can be erased.

However, office workers seek to find ones with the best grip and will not smudge easily when they are writing for hours on end.

While children will go head over heels for the glitzy packs of pen.

But pens are easily misplaced, which is why the ultimate jumbo pack of 120 pens is an essential, plus it is guaranteed to keep any child distracted for hours.

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1. Best gel pen for precision

Best gel pen
People with a love for art, design and illustration are always searching a fine tip gel pen

Sakura’s Gel pain, in white ink, boasts a fine 0.88mm nib, which is perfect for designers, artists and other creative minds who need ultimate accuracy when they are drawing.

The white ink is hot property this season, to decorate spooky cards for Halloween, or make festive creations with for Christmas.

The Gelly Roll pen is waterproof and fade resistant, so any creations, doodles, or even a heartfelt message written in a card, will last for an eternity.

  • (AD) Sakura Gelly Roll Gel Pen, White Ink for £1.49 from WHSmith – buy here

2. Best erasable gel pen

Best gel pen
There’s nothing worse than making an error, and having to start all over again – now you don’t have to

We have all had to re-write a letter and re-draw a picture because we’ve made a mistake, tried to correct it, but only made it worse again.

However, Pilot’s Frixion Erasable pen will put an end to that as the hermo-sensitive ink technology means the ink can be rubbed out with the eraser tip.

This creation comes in a range of colours including the classic black, blue and red ink, as well as green, purple, pink and lighter shades of blue, and is a fan favourite with Amazon customers who have rated it five stars.

  • (AD) Pilot Frixion Clicker Retractable Erasable Rollerball, 0.7 mm Tip Pack of 3 for £5.97 from Amazon – buy here 

3. Best refillable gel pen

Best gel pen
There is nothing worse than when a gel pen you love has run out – but what if they could be refilled?

We all have a favourite gel pen, and fear the day when the ink dries out and it can’t be used anymore, which is why refillable gel pens are a god sent.

These delicate designs are a rare find with their 0.35mm nib, but the fact they can be reused time and time again with refillable ink makes them a must have stationery item.

  • (AD) Gel Pen 0.35mm Black Ink Pen Maker Pen 12 Pcs/Set (Black)for £15.90 from Amazon – buy here 

4. Best pack of gel pens

Best gel pen
The ultimate gel pen set complete with 120 pens will keep children distracted for hours

Gel pens are a huge hit with children who can while away hours drawing or filling in colouring books.

So treat a little one to Shuttle Art’s impressive colourful gel pen set complete with 120 pens, which will keep them entertained for hours, or splash out on the huge selection for an adult who enjoys being creative.

Customers can’t get enough of them, as one review read: “Incredibly easy to use on paper.. the ball point is so smooth and not scratchy – choice of colours is incredibly.”

  • (AD) Shuttle Art 120 Unique Colours Gel Pens Gel Pen Set for £19.99 from Amazon – buy here 

5. Best metallic gel pen

Best gel pen
Glitter gel pens are the King of all gel pens

Glitter gel pens are a way to score major brownie points this season, while children will be blown away by the glitzy stationery, adults will be able to get even more creative with them especially when designing Christmas cards.

This set of Uni Ball Signo pens includes a metallic white, silver, blue, red, green, purple, orange and pink, all of which have a grip for those completing longer illustrations, as well as a smooth roller ball to prevent any uneven lines or blobs.

  • (AD) Mitsubishi Pencil Co Uni Ball Signo Metallic gel pens for £13 from Selfridges – buy here 

6. Best grip on a gel pen

Best gel pen
Some pens are not always fitted with a rubber grip, which makes writing for a long time a strain on the fingers
The Works

Writing for hours can put a huge strain on the fingers, especially when there is no rubber grip, as your bones not only ache but they can also get a little sweaty from trying to hold on to the pen.

But Inkjoy have saved the day as they have created a pack of 10 gel pens, which vary in colour, to make writing, drawing and colouring in that bit easier.

  • (AD) InkJoy Coloured Retractable Gel Pens for £10 from The Works – buy here


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