Best over-the-knee boot styles from fancy to drop-dead gorgeous to beat Cheryl’s glamorous look on the high street

REBOOT your festive footwear with over-the-knee styles that kick Cheryl’s potty pair into touch.

In her video for single Love Made Me Do It, Chezza wears what look like wrinkly waders.

Cheryl looks boot-iful in her new music video

But she could have ditched the £2,000 pricey pair, by designer brand Y/Project, and plumped for some High Street stunners instead.

We pick the best available and rate each out of ten.

Red-dy to dance — 7/10

Tip: We’re on red alert for this look. This pair will add ­colour to outfits
  • Long-sleeve body, £15.99 from New Look — buy now
  • Snake-print skirt, £25.99 from Bershka — buy now
  • Boots, £53 from Missy Empire — buy now
  • Earrings, £3 from Primark

Stand and deliver — 6/10

Tip: Winter whites will brighten your wardrobe while chunky heels add comfort
  • Metallic top (worn as dress), £27.50 from Marks & Spencer — buy now
  • Necklace, £17 from Marks & Spencer — buy now
  • Boots, £38 from Asos — buy now

Bold on the prowl — 10/10

Tip: A slouchy black pair will never go out of style, so invest now
  • Bodysuit, £6 from Primark
  • Belt, £2 from Primark
  • Earrings, £3 from Primark
  • Fringed shorts, £15 from — buy now
  • Boots, £44 from — buy now

In the mix — 9/10

Tip: Opt for a rich autumnal hue with this purple pair
  • Blazer, £22.99 from New Look — buy now
  • Boots, £44.99 from New Look — buy now
  • High-waist briefs, £14 from Dorina at Asos — buy now
  • Necklaces, £12 from Topshop — buy now

Stud delight — 7/10

Tip: The studded detail on this style will toughen up any outfit
  • Playsuit, £29.99 from New Look — buy now
  • Sequin top (worn as belt), £12.99 from New Look — buy now
  • Boots, £30 from — buy now
  • Earrings, £1.50 from Primark



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