Best upcoming Switch games on their way before Christmas

NINTENDO Switch fans have a lot to look forward to in the coming months, with exclusives, hardware launches and more.

We’ve picked out a few of the best that have confirmed release dates and are available to pre-order so that you don’t miss out.


Super Mario Party

PEGI 3 / 5 October 2018

Super Mario Party is basically a board game you play on your Switch, populated by your favourite Mushroom Kingdom characters.

It’s packed with over a hundred minigames that you can either play on their own or as part of the board game itself.

The River Survival mode is great for getting everyone shouting at each other as you co-ordinate your strokes

It’s full of fun little quirks, like the personalised ‘cheat’ dice that each character has. Play as Wario, for instance, and you’ve got the option of a die with a maximum that’s higher than six–but it’s also got two sides that see you go nowhere and lose coins.

The charm extends to character animations when your character wins or loses–it’s impossible not to smile as big bad Bowser cheer in triumph as Princess Peach holds her head in her hands after she failed to shake as many sweets out of a jar.

The mix of co-op challenges that will have you shouting at your friends to get your timing just right and cut-throat all-in competitive challenges seems just right from what we’ve played so far.

Mario’s die swaps the 2 and 4 for threes, making him, as ever, solid but unspectacular

Another thing that stands out is the different modes to stitch together the games — if you’ve got an hour or so to kill you an set up a full-on game for four people to enjoy at home, but if you’ve got 5 minutes while waiting for a train there’s a mode for that too.

It captures all the good bits of previous iterations and gets rid of a lot of junk that had been added over the years to make a game the whole family can enjoy together — and it might just  be the game to save Christmas.


Diablo Eternal Collection

PEGI 16 / November 2

The Switch version includes the ongoing seasons found on other platforms
  • Diablo Eternal Collection, £49.99 – buy it now

Diablo III’s original console ports were a surprising success, and there is nothing to suggest that the Switch iteration will be any different.

It’s got all the extra content that has been released for Diablo III since launch, the couch co-op of the other console versions, local co-op with multiple consoles and four-player online action.

It’s still a great dungeon crawler that’s only got better through refinement. The decision to make the story mode optional is a great one for those who have enjoyed the other versions since it came out in 2012.


Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu / Pokémon: Let’s Go Eevee

PEGI 7 / 16 November 2018

If a friend joins you in-game, you’ll be able to battle together
  • Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu including Poké Ball Plus, £89.99 – buy it now
  • Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu game only, £44.99 – buy it now
  • Pokémon: Let’s Go Eevee including Poké Ball Plus, £89.99 – buy it now
  • Pokémon: Let’s Go Eevee game only – buy it now, £44.99 – buy it now

The first home console Pokémon game looks to bring a new generation of fans into the series’ role-playing games.

They’re a re-imagining of the very first games in the Pokémon series, Red and Blue, remixed with a very health dose of Pokémon Go.

They’ll have trading, integration with the aforementioned mobile game, and a fancy Pokéball controller you can ‘throw’ to catch in-game beasties.

It’s colourful, fun, and features two-player couch co-op throughout, which is something of a rarity these days but a great thing for those who like their gaming a little more social.

The bundles both feature the same hardware, but different versions of the game
  • Nintendo Switch Let’s Go Pikachu Limited Edition Console, Pokémon: Let’s Go Pikachu + Pokeball Plus Controller, £339.99 – buy it now


Super Smash Bros Ultimate

PEGI 12 / 7 December 2018

Wario is one of 68 characters who had been confirmed at time of writing, with more to come
  • Super Smash Bros Ulitimate Limited Edition (inc controller and adapter), £89.99 – buy it now
  • Super Smash Bros Ultimate (game only), £49.99 – buy it now

With 68 Nintendo and Nintendo-adjacent characters confirmed so far for the epic brawler. Super Smash Bros Ultimate looks like the best version yet.

With every character ever featured in the series and a host of new ones included out of the box, and support for four-player local fights and massive 8-player online brawls it looks to be a welcome change from the nickel-and-diming we’ve come to expect from fighting games of late.

Pokémon and Street Fighter characters are also smashing their way in

Combat is as fast-paced and absurd as ever, without seeming to sacrifice the balance that’s essential to keeping the fun.

You will be able to play it using the standard joycons – but really, you’ll want to shell out for either a Gamecube controller or Switch Pro Controller.


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