Beasts of power – Aurore Bergé : “I have campaigned to have the cats to the Assembly,”

His first word was not “daddy” or “mommy” but ” Kitty “. The name of one of the two cats of the family. His parents have passed the love of animals. And she saw her grand-mother, who hated the cats, get to love them after having kept his own. “She is even involved in a neighbourhood association to build small shelters for stray cats,” recalls Aurore Bergé. The mp for the Yvelines adopted Baloo and Pistachio in 2010 at the SPA with her ex-husband, the socialist Nicolas Bays. “These two males were 2 years of age and were in the same cage in the shelter in Pleasure, in the Yvelines, we do not want to separate them “, describes it. Pistachio had been ill-treated and beaten before being rescued by a team of the SPA. He had need to incorporate a family quickly. “During the first six months with us, we saw virtually no, it was just feeding,” she said. She shows us her belly that hangs down, a sign of the suffering endured. The animal is still timid with strangers, but it has become “hyper” cuddle ” with it. Aurore Bergé saw not buy her cats, ” because there’s plenty to adopt.” In France, according to a survey by Ipsos of February 2018, only 15 % of cat owners have bought their pet.

The way we treat animals reflects the level of a company

In his apartment in Magny-les-Hameaux, the spokesperson of LREM has sacrificed his couch to his Baloo and Pistachio. Scratched from all sides, it is now covered with a plaid. “While it described the cats as being solitary and independent, mine are very attached to me. When I get home at staggered hours, they are waiting for me, perched on the sofa, ” she said. The two nights a week where she sleeps in the Assembly, the children of friends come to watch over them and, for the holidays, his parents keep it for fifteen days. “I am not yet an old maid with her cats “, is fed up does she. She finds out that his animals feel the pain of men. When she is sick or feels bad, they do let more go. It argues for the development of the presence of animals in hospitals, what is called pet therapy or mediation animal. According to it, the awareness of animal welfare becomes a concern increasingly shared. “The way we treat animals reflects the level of a society, she said. And, in 2018, we can no longer accept that thousands of chicks are still ground up alive. “However, during the examination of the draft law agriculture and food in may, the national Assembly voted against the amendments aimed at prohibiting the grinding of male chicks and ducklings female…

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At the Palais-Bourbon, the animals are not welcome. His colleague Olivia Gregory, who loves his dog, was denied his request for permission to take her with her in his office. Aurore Bergé, who also had a dog when she was a child, defends the presence of tomcats : “There is some push to have because there are too many mice at the Meeting ! “She would like especially the cat,” which has dethroned the dog as the heart of the French ” by becoming their favorite pet – 8 million households (28.8 million) have at least a –, make his entrance to the Elysée. Since Jupiter, the labrador to Georges Pompidou, all the presidents of the Republic have come to pose with a dog. “It takes a cat to the Palace !” urged she.

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