Beasts of power – Yannick Jadot : “Minouche is a large presence”

For a long time, it has held up well. “For me, a cat, it lives in the countryside, so that he is free, he has the space,” said the son of teachers high in Picardy, in the open air, in a house where dogs and cats lived side by side happily. Then one day, his two boys, aged at the time 12 and 10 years old, came home with a kitten. Yannick Jadot has cracked. It was in 2011. Since then, Minouche has taken up residence in them. “I could hardly do without it now. It is a very large presence. When I come home from travel, my children often say to me : “You say hello faster at it than us !” “He put his photo in the background screen of his tablet and when he speaks, his voice drops a tone as he spoke with affection to a child.

Their life together is punctuated by small rituals : “in The morning when I get up, she comes and puts it on the back so I caress her belly. When I’m working, she’s walking ostensibly on the keyboard of my computer, lies on the documents I need. And in the evening, she settled on my torso, and makes his exercise of legs… “The ecologist monitors everything, including his diet :” She has a tendency to overweight. “He tried the croquettes bio, but” she didn’t want to, ” he said. The apartment – the club chair destroyed because she made her claws on the bottom of the walls and doors blackened by its friction and up to the green plant part eaten – bears the signs of the presence of Minouche. On the dining table, which office is installed a tray on the foot allowing it to rise to the height of the window and, thus, to monitor the neighborhood. In the summer, she has her habits in the countryside, in the mother of Jadot.

The words of Brigitte Bardot have touched me

Not very surprising, however, that the latter ignites a cat – finally, a pussy. It is easy to imagine that a green will be the passion of beasts. Especially this one, in which Brigitte Bardot comes to rent ” the determination and the will to change things “, on the contrary, a Hulot, who would, she says, ” a scaredy-cat first-class. One undecided. A type that serves no useful purpose “. Jadot exults : “Kid, I’ve been marked by campaigns of Greenpeace and Brigitte Bardot on the preservation of baby seals. “He adds :” His words have touched me. “He comes to write him a handwritten letter to thank her. He also said : “When you are a environmentalist, this is first and foremost to defend the beautiful, and the living, so animals. “One of his books to the bedside is a book of Romain Gary,” The roots of heaven “, the story of a man who survived a nazi death camp who will fight against the massacre of elephants in Africa. “Because the animals, it is our part of humanity,” says the man who was the director of campaigns for Greenpeace France. Today, we hear about the disappearance of the bees, the massacre of dolphins in the Faroe islands or in opposition to the electro-fishing.

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About Minouche, even if she always sleeps in the room of the cadet, Jadot claiming “authorship” and confirms is funny : “My son, the caress, play with – she loves to pick fights, but when it comes to changing the litter box, it’s still me ! “From his studies in Cergy, a paris suburb, his older brother proposed to take the pussy. “Stop, you’ll never be at home,” retorted Jadot. An excuse as good as another to keep it from him.

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