Beverley Turner slams Piers Morgan and says he’s ‘wrong and manipulating people to clap for Captain Tom’

BEVERLEY Turner has slammed Piers Morgan – saying that he is “wrong and manipulating people to clap for Captain Tom Moore”.

Furious Piers, 55, lashed out at the 47-year-old broadcaster on Twitter yesterday when she said that she wouldn’t be joining the clap for the 100-year-old national hero following his death.

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Beverley has found herself embroiled in a feud with Piers Morgan [/caption]

And Beverley, who presented BBC daytime show Homes Live, took to social media once again to react to Piers‘ blocking her.

She wrote: “Must have touched a nerve as been blocked by @piersmorgan

“I don’t think he liked the fact that it seems – by many of your reactions- that I wasn’t completely wrong… And he does not like to be wrong.

“Maybe he’s manipulating you all too?, 🤷🏻‍♀️Just a thought….”


The pair clashed over Captain Tom Moore’s clap last night[/caption]

The unlikely feud began when Beverley, former wife of Olympic rower James Cracknell, tweeted: “Sir Tom Moore and his family did a brilliant job of raising £ for the NHS.

“It’s great that he lived to 100! It’s awesome that he got one last fab holiday.

“But I’m not clapping in the St to maintain the fear that imminent death is all around & we’re all in this together. We’re not.”

Piers retweeted her comment, which came minutes before thousands of Brits took to the streets to pay tribute at 6pm, writing: “This is so pathetic.”

Piers branded Beverley ‘pathetic’ before blocking her
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Captain Tom died aged 100 after raising millions for the NHS [/caption]

The defiant mother-of-three, who has appeared alongside Piers on Good Morning Britain in the past, hit back at the time: “What EXACTLY do you think we’re being asked to think about when we clap?

“A feverishness of FEAR. MOST people are still not at risk of dying.”

Piers was among those who took to their doorstep last night and applauded for Captain Tom after the sad news that he had died of Covid at the age of 100.

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson led last night’s clap [/caption]

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Beverley with ex James Cracknell [/caption]

He tweeted: “Lots of clapping in my part of West London. Great to hear. Thanks for everything, Captain Tom. 👏👏.”

Other celebrities including Katie Price also made some noise in memory of the war veteran.

So did Boris Johnson and his partner Carrie Symonds, who were seen applauding outside 10 Downing Street.


Captain Tom is considered a national hero [/caption]

The PM, 56, called Captain Tom a “hero in the truest sense of the word”.

The charity crusader was admitted to hospital on Sunday after struggling with his breathing.

He had raised almost £33million for the NHS by walking laps of his garden at the start of the pandemic last year – a record for a charity walk.

Sir Tom’s family said they were “incredibly touched” by the clap for Captain Tom and took part outside their home in the village of Marston Moretaine in Bedfordshire.


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