Beyoncé working on a new album visual in partnership with Netflix

The VOD platform would be ready to make him a big cheque.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z are currently on the roads, in the midst of a world tour, during which the couple has found a way to make a surprise to his fans : on June 16, they released a common album – signed The Carters and titled Everything Is Love. An album that could quickly be followed by an all-new, but with, this time, Beyoncé would be single orders.

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In the spring of 2016, Beyoncé had managed to surprise everyone during the release of his album Lemonade : it was released simultaneously on the music platform Tidal and in the form of an hour long documentary on HBO, revealing a clip-by-song. This concept album “visual”, the singer had tested it with success with his previous album, Beyoncé, which was released in December 2013. And, according to the Sun, she would be ready to retry the kick.

Netflix wants to be Beyoncé at all costs

According to a close relative of the Queen B. that is entrusted to the tabloid, the singer would work in secret (relative) on a new solo album “and it’s going very well. She wants it to be even more revolutionary and visually impressive as Lemonade, which is why it is locating a few places that will really impress people.” Among these places ? The Colosseum in Rome that she hoped to be able to privatize in order to film a clip (the first application was refused because it had already been rented, but Beyoncé has not said its last word).

As for the diffuser, Beyoncé would not have to entrust her baby to HBO, but to the platform Netflix , which a potential audience more important than the cable channel. “They had offered him a sum of seven figures for Lemonade, but because of its contractual obligations with HBO and Tidal this had not resulted. There, they are ready to offer him a small fortune because they know that Beyoncé has a power of attraction incredible.” To monitor closely.


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