Beyond A Steel Sky confirmed for 2019 release on consoles, PC and Apple Arcade

BENEATH A Steel Sky is getting a sequel in 2019, and it’s coming to PC, consoles and Apple Arcade.

Beyond a Steel Sky is a 3D adventure game, set in the same cyberpunk world as the 1994 original, and featuring the same protagonist.

The world of Beneath A Steel Sky provides a grounding for much of the cyberpunk created since
Revolution Software
The striking aesthetic of the original sees it help up as one of the best cyberpunk video games ever made

The game is intended as “a modern day 1984 told through the medium of the adventure game,” according to Revolution Software boss and writer of the original game, Charles Cecil.

Returning for Beyond a Steel Sky is legendary comic book artist Dave Gibbons, best known for drawing Watchmen and being named the UK’s first Comics Laureate in 2014.

“Charles and I have discussed returning to the Beneath a Steel Sky universe many times over the years. Fake news, social controls, polarized views – the world is confusing – we agreed that now was the right time for Robert Foster to take a trip back to and beyond that Steel Sky,” Gibbons said.

Cecil, legendary British developer of games such as Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars, revealed to The Sun in August last year that the project, first discussed in 2012, was almost ready.

The graphics resolution meant that it was perfect for an iOS release without the need to go back to the now-lost original files
Robert Foster looks a little bit different to the last time we saw him
Revolution Software

“It’s an adventure, and it’s super-ambitious,” Cecil told The Sun at GamesCom in Cologne.

“We’ll talk to anyone who wants to listen early next year,” Cecil said.

It was revealed as one of the launch titles for Apple Arcade, after which it was revealed the game was going to come to consoles and PC as well.

The original title was a point-and-click adventure game noted for its compelling story and sharp dialogue, as well as capturing the cyberpunk aesthetic through Gibbons’ artwork in a way that hasn’t been matched since.


A thrilling story ‘woven with the studio’s signature humour’ is promised
The game’s light-hearted tone was often at odds with its stark visuals


Beyond a Steel Sky is being made using “custom-written cutting-edge graphics technology” that will deliver “a beautiful, realtime, comic-book-styled world in HDR & 4K to complement the artwork of Dave Gibbons,” according to Revolution.

“A story that enables players to profoundly affect and subvert the gameworld and its characters,” is also promised.

The original is available in full for free from, and a remastered version was released on iOS for the original iPhone.A sequel was first promised in 2012 as a final stretch goal for the Kickstarter campaign for the excellent Broken Sword: The Serpent’s Curse, which came out on Nintendo Switch last year.

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