Soon to be excluded? The member Aina Kuric braved the setpoint LREM

The mp LREM Aina Kuric voted against the bill to asylum-immigration new reading in the night from Thursday to Friday, subject to an exclusion of the majority group in accordance with the rule established by its president Richard Ferrand. The elected of the Marne, which had already abstained in the first reading, has this time voted against the bill “for immigration under control, a right of asylum effective and successful integration”, the only one of his group to do so. 11 elected LREM abstained, and 43 voted for the text covered by Gérard Collomb. Aina Kuric was denounced Thursday in plenary the adaptation of the law of the soil, Mayotte, seeing it as a “false solution”.

An article introduced in the Senate and approved by the Assembly on Thursday (by 47 votes to 19), required for children born in Mayotte that one of his parents is, at the day of birth, was present regularly on the national territory for more than three months. The measure, criticized on Thursday by some of the other LREM and MoDem and by the three groups of the left, who have failed to remove, is sustained by the executive in the name of the need to face up to the very high illegal immigration from the Comoros.

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Aina Kuric, elected from madagascar, a member of the foreign Affairs committee, had tabled amendments to delete this provision.

In accordance with the rule within the group LREM, “abstention, venial sin, vote against, mortal sin”, the head of the company in the wine industry for 31 years is subject to an exclusion.

Jean-Michel Clément, the other mp who has left the group

“The office of the group meets every Tuesday. We’ll know more at that time”, said-on Friday evening the group, which has 312 elect.

In April, Jean-Michel Clement had announced to put themselves “on leave” from the group after they voted against the text asylum-immigration in the first reading, the only one in this case. This ex-PS now sits in non-registered. The text asylum-immigration should be the subject of a final vote by the 1st of August, last day of special session, after the last shuttle with the Senate.

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