Billionaire Newcastle FC boss Mike Ashley ‘goes into explosive rant and threatens to knock out fan who goaded him’

NEWCASTLE United owner Mike Ashley launched into an expletive-filled tirade in a curry house and threatened to “knock out” a fan who goaded him.

The billionaire retail boss, 54, initially shook hands with the Magpies supporter when he came over to introduce himself.

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Mike Ashley launched into an angry rant after a Newcastle fan approached him and called him a ‘parasite’[/caption]

But Ashley’s mood flipped when the fan called him a “parasite” and told him to “get out the club and the city” of Newcastle.

A witness said Ashley blasted back: “I’ll knock you out you f***ing p***k. Get the f*** out of here.

“F*** off before I knock you out.”

The fan and his party were then asked to leave by the management at Paradise restaurant in Hampstead, North West London.

The fan was eventually asked to leave the Paradise curry house in Hampstead

The witness added: “Ashley thought the fan was coming to say hello, but then realised what was happening.

“He went bright red, screwed his face up and turned the air blue with his ranting.”

A spokesman for Ashley confirmed he was having a meal when approached by “an individual who became threatening, aggressive and offensive”.

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Ashley has been warned that he must improve relations with supporters[/caption]

The row comes after Sports Minister Tracey Crouch, who quit yesterday, called on the tycoon to improve relations with Newcastle supporters.

The club has not won in the ten Premier League games this season.


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