Bird Box baddie Gary gave a number of clues before his killing spree – but did you spot them in the Netflix film?

BIRD Box baddie Gary went on a killing spree after faking sanity to get a place in the safe house – but he gave a number of clues before carrying out the murders.

The character – played by The Thick of It star Tom Hollander – shocked viewers when he turned out to have already been turned by the terrifying force that makes people kill themselves.


Gary, played by Tom Hollander, goes on a murderous hunt inside the safe house after revealing his true identity[/caption]

Like him, only a select few had their lives spared – but only because they were tasked with convincing others to “see” too.

After emotionally blackmailing Olympia (Danielle Macdonald) to let him into the house, Gary is held at gunpoint by Douglas (John Malkovich) who doesn’t trust him.

But he’s knocked unconscious by Cheryl (Jacki Weaver) and locked in the garage, leaving Gary free to kill.

Here we take a look at the possible signs that Gary was a baddie all along in hit Netflix film Bird Box.


Gary seemed irritated when he heard the squawk of the birds that warn humans of the force[/caption]

Gary knows about the birds are a warning sign

As he’s being held at gunpoint in the kitchen, Gary hears the chirping of Sandra Bullock’s character Malorie’s birds.

With an almost eerie whisper, he looks irritated as he says “birds” before looking down with a smirk.

At first glance, it might appear that he too worked out that they signal the menacing force as a warning to humans.

But looking more closely, it could be a sign that Gary is frustrated they’re in the house – making his job to make the others “see” even harder.

He knows a lot about the outside – despite never “seeing”


Gary makes everyone take him in as he told tales from the outside[/caption]

Gary spends time telling everyone that there are people on the outside who are not wearing blindfolds, but say they are happy because they “see”.

It seems suspicious that he is able to tell the house so much about them, but hadn’t been infected by the disease while outside himself.

Gary explained: “When people broke in, they weren’t wearing blindfolds.

“It’s like they didn’t need them.

“These crazy guys weren’t affected like everyone else.

“They wanted to see, they were happy. They were so glad and they said everyone needed to see.”


Douglas didn’t trust Gary from the off so stole the gun from Malorie[/caption]

It sounded pretty convincing, but instead of letting him continue talking about the outside world, Douglas suddenly grabbed the gun off of Malorie.

He tells Gary to “get up and get out”, revealing his distrust about what Gary had just told the house.

Douglas has always been a divisive, grumpy character, which puts people off listening to him – and puts viewers off the scent.

But it’s a huge mistake for the survivors inside the house who see Douglas locked in a garage while Gary is allowed to roam free.

Gary’s menacing smile as he plays happy music in the kitchen


He dances in the kitchen to cheery music in a sick bid to distract his prey[/caption]

In a particularly dark moment of the film, Gary starts to play music in the kitchen moments before his deadly attack.

The tune he chooses is Aretha Franklin’s I Say a Little Prayer, which adds to the eeriness as he openly mocks the people he intends to kill.

It distracts the survivors before Olympia starts to have contractions and Malorie’s waters break.

He does nothing to help when the women go into labour

Showing that his evil side is about to come out, Gary does nothing when the women go into labour

As Malorie tries to avoid birth by focusing on helping Olympia, Gary can see her waters have just broken.

She is wincing in pain as she tries to keep going, but instead of offering to help, Gary stands there and does nothing.
It’s not until Tom (Trevante Rhodes) sees her struggle that she is whisked off to give birth.

It leaves Gary alone downstairs while everyone else is consumed by the births.

Gary reveals his spooky drawings

Viewers get to see what the force looks like for the very first time

If viewers hadn’t already guessed there was something off with Gary, this was a huge clue.

Despite the panic going on in the house, he puts on music and dances around the living room.

He then starts to take drawings out of his bag and place them on the table before starting a brand new sketch.

The images are deeply disturbing, showing dark, faceless images.

Gary puts the birds in the fridge

Gary taunts trapped Douglas by showing him put the birds in the fridge

When he hears the baby’s first cry, he stops sketching suddenly and picks up the birds.

At first viewers might have mistakenly believed he was taking the birds upstairs so they would be close to the children.

But he has other plans.

His eyes have enlarged and changed colour. And despite desperate calls from Douglas who is still locked in the garage, he shows him picking up the bird cage and putting it in the fridge.

In fact he openly taunts him by lifting up the cage while staring right at him.

He starts tearing open the blinds

Gary looks possessed as the start of his killing spree kicks off
He rips the paper down to let the sunlight in

As if totally possessed, Gary starts ripping off the paper used to cover up the windows.

It’s at this time Tom sees the pictures he drew and starts to get suspicious.

He rescues the birds, but as he rushes to get the shot gun, he’s hit over the back of the head by the evil intruder who then opens the garage door in a first attempt to kill Douglas.

What happens next is a terrifying killing spree that leaves all the housemates fighting for their lives.

Sandra Bullock’s Netflix film has been hailed a huge success by fans

Sandra Bullock’s debut on the popular streaming service was watched by 45 million fans in a week since its launch on December 21.

It follows the mum-of-two living in a post-apocalyptic world where anyone opening their eyes outside the home is instantly infected by something that forces them to violently kill themselves.

The invisible monsters, blindfolds and squawking birds have all been interpreted as symbols commenting on everything from fear of becoming a parent to the dangers of social media in the modern age.

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