Bitcoin price updates – Dogecoin price PLUMMETS during Elon Musk’s SNL sketch as Tesla CEO calls himself the Dogefather

ELON Musk was watched by millions of viewers around the world as he hosted Saturday Night Live for the first time.

The Tesla CEO was joined by his mum as he opened his highly anticipated hosting gig by revealing he has Asperger’s.

The 49-year-old billionaire opened his monologue by mocking his monotonal speaking style, saying no one can tell when he’s joking.

“It’s great to be hosting ‘Saturday Night Live,’ and I really mean it,” said Musk standing on the stage in a black suit with a black T-shirt.

“Sometimes after I say something, I have to say that I mean it.”

Dogecoin dropped in value during the first hour of SNL.

Fans of the joke cryptocurrency had predicted the opposite ahead of the show.

The currency was mentioned several times by Musk, and one by his mom, who said she hoped the crypto was not her gift for Mother’s Day.

Dogecoin was quoted as low as $0.47 on crypto exchange Binance, down 28% from levels around $0.65 before the show.

On crypto data tracker, dogecoin has jumped more than 800% over the last month and is now the fourth-largest digital currency, with a market capitalisation of $73 billion.

It hit a record high Thursday above $0.73.

It has overtaken more widely used cryptocurrencies such as litecoin and tether.

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