Bitcoin UP nearly 10 per cent after shock cryptocurrency plunge – Ethereum, Safemoon and Dogecoin latest updates

THE PRICE of Bitcoin is up almost 10 per cent as the cryptocurrency recovers from its shock crash.

The value of the digital currency had been steadily growing throughout 2021, almost doubling in the first three months of the year. 

But it came to a rapid end on 18th April, when the price tumbled dramatically – and kept falling for the days following.

On Monday, the price finally appeared to take a turn upwards as the price rose almost 10 per cent over 12 hours.

Despite Bitcoin’s woes, newcomer Ethereum hit a record high last week thanks to a “perfect storm”.

It bucked market trends to reach above $2,600 on Thursday – the first time in its history – after trading below $200 only a year ago.

The gains have pushed Ethereum’s market cap above $300 billion, nearly one third that of Bitcoin’s.

This comes as Safemoon has been predicted to overtake Dogecoin as one of the most heavily invested cryptocurrencies in the world – although both lost value over the weekend.

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