Bixente Lizarazu, his dream vacation as a family in French Polynesia

“Always the same magic…” This is not the first time that Bixente Lizarazu flies towards the French Polynesia, but it is always the same pleasure. Proof : the smile as the former footballer displays. On Instagram, he shared a selfie to her arrival on the island of Tahaa. Feet in the turquoise water, he is visibly delighted with his well-deserved vacation after a month of July in charge.

After a month in Russia to comment on the world of football, Bixente Lizarazu is therefore left in French Polynesia with his son Tximista, 23 years old, his wife Claire Keim and their daughter Uhaina, 10 years. A stay of dream : they have wandered in a canoe on the clear waters, they had dinner at the edge of the ocean, they have admired the sunrise… so Many moments that they share on the social networks.

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And Bixente Lizarazu has published on Instagram a photo of the family underwater” when they made the dive. On another photo, her daughter Uhaina is approaching a dolphin. He commented : “A dad proud who looks at his little wave [Uhaina means “wave” in basque] dance with the dolphins of Tiputa…” on Claire Keim, she says : “perhaps one of the most beautiful places in the world…”.

Bixente Lizarazu and Claire Keim were married in 2006. They had their daughter Uhaina in 2008. The footballer was already the dad of Tximista (“lightning” in basque), created in 1995. The young man of 23 years old, graduated from a trade school, is now an entrepreneur. He creates his own brand of t-shirts, Overturn, on which appear the faces of famous sportsmen.

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