Committee Chyna still in a relationship with her toyboy 18 years of age, she shows her happiness on Snapchat (VIDEO)

When they were thought to be separated for good, Committee Chyna and her boyfriend of 18 years are indeed back together. Happy, the two lovebirds are not hiding anymore !

Hard drive to follow the love life of the stars ! To begin with the Committee Chyna seems tumultuous. Since her break up with Rob Kardashian, the bimbo of 30 years went on little adventures. For proof, she was recently in a relationship with Devin Haney, a young boxer of 19 years. A quick relationship, and yet it is already complete. And for good reason, the pretty brunette is repartnering with her former boyfriend of 18 years, the american rapper YBN Almighty Jay. Despite the many rumors of infidelity, the mom of Dream and King Cairo has decided to give a new chance to this romance. Now, the two lovebirds show themselves without hesitation on the social networks.

It is off for a ride ! Between Committee Chyna and YBN Almighty Jay, the love is back. After a period of complicated and confusing, the two lovebirds are finally back together. And it is during an evening between friends that they have confirmed their reconciliation. Both dressed in white, the influenceuse and her toyboy are shown smiling and more complicit than ever in a video shared on Snapchat. Committee Chyna who confided recently to be in love with her boyfriend, is no longer a heart to take. In the rest of the news, it could be that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are secretly joined them in Paris.

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