Black Widow : Scarlett Johansson has finally found a director for his film solo

It is a miracle ! Eight years after he played in Iron Man 2, marking its integration into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Scarlett Johansson, aka Black Widow, will finally have the right to his film, solo. In fact, after multiple rumors of the part of Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios, the actress will be back on the front of the stage and will be directed by a filmmaker in australia.

Cate Shortland will be the film’s solo Black Widow

One could wonder until when Scarlett Johansson was going to stay in the shadow of the Avengers, since she has already played in no less than six feature films Marvel. Gone are the jokes about the spy Russian, the movie solo Black Widow exists, and this will be Cate Shortland, known for having developed Lore and Berlin Syndrome, which will stage. Among the 70 candidate(s) nominated, such as Maggie Betts (Novitiate), Amma Asante (Belle), Kimberly Peirce (Boys Don’t Cry), but also Mélanie Laurent, it is this Australian that has convinced the studio and will make his first steps in the realization of hollywood blockbusters. Kevin Feige had recently made many revelations about the future of the MCU, but he had said nothing about Black Widow, until The Hollywood Reporter confirms the arrival of the director. This would be the same Scarlett Johansson, big fan of Shortland for her work on Lore, that would have convinced the studio to hire her.

For the moment we have no detail on the plot, but the story should happen before the events of the first Avengers, released in 2012, and explain how Natasha Romanoffs became a heroine in their own right, by joining the S. H. I. E. L. D. No date of filming and release have not been announced, but pending further information, fans of Marvel will be able to find it on the 1st of may 2019 Avengers 4. Black Widow will be the second film of the MCU directed by a woman and devoted to a super-heroine, after Captain Marvel, which will be released on march 6, 2019.

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