Bloke buys his girlfriend a pair of goalie gloves for Christmas because ‘she’s a keeper’ – and her face says it all

A BLOKE has left people in hysterics after he bought his girlfriend a pair of goalie gloves for Christmas because “she’s a keeper” – but she is less than amused.

The photo of the “lucky” girl recently resurfaced on Reddit seeing her posing with her new football equipment, and with a face like thunder.

SNAP Viral

A woman was left less than impressed when her boyfriend got her goalie gloves for Christmas[/caption]

The sister of the woman, who posted the snap, wrote: “So my sister got goalie gloves for christmas from her boyfriend for ‘being a keeper’.”

Fellow redditors were left in hysterics with the image being shared over 12,000 times on Imgur, however, some admitted they felt sorry for the long-suffering woman.

Commenting on the post, one wrote: “She looks used to disappointment.”

“Nothing says love like a pun and a gift he gets to use” joked another, while a third added, “She doesn’t seem too happy about it. I guess her boyfriend scored though.”

The woman’s sister later revealed that the boyfriend had stepped up with his other gifts – although they were also footie themed.

Updating Reddit, she wrote: “He got her trainers… (he literally wants a footballer for a girlfriend) and a holiday to Verona. Only slightly jealous.”

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