Blonde, brunette or redhead: each with her own make-up

Hair color is a determining factor in knowing how to apply makeup. Blond, brown or red hair…. Discover the shades and products that are sure to make you stand out.
Blonde, brunette or redhead:: Each with their own make-up
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Blonde, brunette or redhead: each with her own make-up

How to put on makeup when you’re blonde?
Executive Summary

If you have blond hair and like cold tones, opt for eye shadows in pastel, pink, grey or sky blue tones for example. This will bring a certain softness to your look. If you prefer warm tones or brown eyes, choose gold, bronze, light brown, salmon that will illuminate and warm your complexion.

Fresh pink lipstick goes perfectly with porcelain complexion, it brings softness, freshness and radiance to the complexion. Coral red is more intense and offers a sophisticated result. Do not hesitate to dare to use contrasts as long as the beauty remains soft and subtle. A fuchsia, for example, will bring radiance to blondes with fair skin, combined with a transparent complexion with mascara. For blondes with a golden complexion, choose a poppy red. It is this contrast, which will give radiance to the face and strengthen the shine in the eyes.

Don’t: Make up your eyebrows discreetly. Avoid dark shades that harden the eyes.

How to put make-up on when you’re brunette?

Brunettes have many choices. They can really afford anything. For green eyes, prefer warm shades, bronze, gold, amber, khaki. For blue eyes, it is better to start with pink, grey or purple. Light-skinned brunettes will opt for raspberry lipsticks and copper reds to give a healthy glow. Brown with matt skin can wear all colours of lipsticks, red of course, carmine, chocolate, plum, orange, coral, pink… The contrast will bring sophistication and the pastel colours will bring softness.

Don’t: If you don’t want to harden your eyes, use a brown eyebrow pencil instead of a black one. Also avoid the light concealer, which tends to create too much contrast with the colour of your hair.

How to wear makeup when you’re redheaded?

A brown or black graphic eyeliner will bring relief to the look to simply enhance a daytime look. For more elegance, nothing beats a black smoky-eyes. The palette of colours is vast: green, khaki, blue, plum, lilac…. All in a creamy texture for a more delicate result. To enhance your lips, adopt pink, coral, peach or matte red shades. Enhance your complexion with a tinted cream or a very light foundation that will reveal the radiance and transparency by correcting small imperfections and redness and, above all, that will naturally reveal freckles. “To illuminate the face in transparency, I apply the Light Pen around the eyes, under the chin, between the eyebrows, then I blur the material with my finger. It instantly illuminates the complexion, especially diaphanous skin, thanks to its imperceptible melting texture,” says Angloma make-up artist Sisley.

Don’t: Redheads with light eyebrows? Choose a brown mascara over black mascara. If you have red eyebrows, choose warm shades rather than ashen ones. Be careful to choose the right foundation shade. If your skin is diaphanous, be careful not to apply a foundation that is too dark. Avoid overloading yourself with make-up. with mouth or eyes. Hair colour already brings a glamorous result

Thanks to Angloma, make-up artist at Sisley for his advice

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