Blondes or Brunettes? Can’t we all just get along (52 Photos)

Dark Side Or Light Side? I’m On The Hot Girls Side

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  1. whilst the fault does lie on both sides, she isnt doing herself any favours by acting like a victim. “im only speaking out because hes turning his back on me”
    well, you didnt have to have unprotected sex with him, did you?

    she claims “jack wasn’t as careful as he said he would be”
    well if you knew you didnt have a condom you could’ve just refused to have UNPROTECTED sex, and if you did go through with it anyway, maybe you could’ve gone and got something we call the MORNING AFTER PILL. duhhhhhh.
    “i wont get rid of it cos its a life”

    well, unless you werent paying attention in biology at school you would know that lives are actually created through unprotected sex.

    jeeeeez has contraception gone out of fashion or something nowadays???

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