Blurry photo of Sony Xperia XZ4 leaks on Japanese tech blog WEEKS before launch

SONY’S next smartphone is being kept a closely guarded secret – but an image of the handset may have been leaked.

A blurry photo of what’s claimed to be the long-rumoured Sony Xperia XZ4 has turned up online.

Sony Xperia XZ4
The image shows what is claimed to be the Sony Xperia XZ4

The image was originally posted to Weibo, a Chinese social media site roughly equivalent to Twitter.

It was then picked up by a Japanese technology blog (based in Sony’s homeland) called Sumahoinfo.

The image is extremely poor quality, so it’s hard to garner much info.

Perhaps the biggest takeaway is that the phone appears to be very long – an unusual trait for smartphones generally.

Sony Xperia XZ4
The handset will be a sequel to last year’s impressive Sony Xperia XZ3
Sony Xperia

Rumour has it that the phone will feature a gargantuan 6.5-inch screen.

That’s the same size display as the one on the iPhone XS Max, although Apple’s handset appears to be shorter and wider than this Sony device.

The pictured Sony handset is also running on Google’s new Android 9.0 Pie operating system, which has the latest software features available.

Sadly, it’s impossible to verify the authenticity of this “leaked” photo, so it could be a complete hoax.

However, it’s worth considering the image, given that Sony is rumoured to include a large display on its new handset – and the image seems to support that.

In any case, take all rumours with a pinch of salt for now.

We asked Sony for comment on the image, but the Japanese tech giant declined to comment.

However, we’re likely to hear more from Sony next month.

The company is hosting a press conference at MWC 2019, an annual tech show held in Barcelona in late February.

Some of the biggest tech companies will converge on the city during the event, showing off their latest gadgets.

As well as a new Sony phone, we’re also expecting the show to feature the Samsung Galaxy S10 and the long-awaited Samsung folding phone.

Sony is also working on a brand new console, but it might not be called the PS5.

Rival Samsung is preparing its first 5G phone for launch in the near future.

Meanwhile, Apple fans are eagerly awaiting the rumoured 2019 release of the iPhone 11.

What do you think of this apparent Sony handset? Let us know in the comments!

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