Bobby Brown says he’s in ‘devastating pain’ after his son Bobby Jr.’s shocking death

SINGER Bobby Brown says he’s in “devastating pain” after his son Bobby Brown Jr.’s shocking death on Wednesday.

The hit songwriter told US Weekly recently: “Please keep my family in your prayers at this time.

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Bobby Brown is heartbroken and in ‘devastating pain’ following the death of his son, Bobby Jr.[/caption]

“Losing my son at this point in our lives has devastated my family. There are no words to explain the pain.”

Bobby Jr., 28, was found dead at home in Encino, Los Angeles on Wednesday around 1:50 pm.

The cops were called for a “medical emergency,” but the cause of death is still unknown at this time.

A spokesperson for LA Police shared: “Upon officers’ arrival, there was a person down at the location.”


The aspiring singer was found dead at his home in Los Angeles on Wednesday[/caption]


The police were called for a ‘medical emergency’ but no cause of death is known at this time[/caption]

His close friend Karey Graves told The Daily Mail that the aspiring singer suffered from a heart condition, which could explain his cause of death.

Karey revealed: “He told me a long time ago that he was born with a heart condition, and when he called me on Tuesday he was saying how he was sick and how you never know what you’ll die from.”

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Bobby Jr.’s friend shared that he had a pre-existing heart condition that may have attributed to his passing [/caption]

She feels that Bobby Jr. essentially predicted his own death, saying: “It was eerie, like he knew something was going to happen, but wouldn’t seek medical help because he has a phobia of hospitals.”

Karey added that she felt he could have had the viral disease, saying: “From my view, I feel like he had covid or maybe another illness that didn’t make it easy for his pre-existing heart condition. 

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Karey says that Bobby Jr. eerily ‘predicted’ his own death[/caption]

“He definitely knew something was going to happen. It sounded like a super bad cold. 

“A heavy voice that sounded congested and I heard him cough intensely too when he got up to get a drink.”

On Thursday, TMZ disclosed that the star had experienced flu-like symptoms prior to his death but confirmed that he did not have Covid-19.

Another close friend to Bobby Jr., Mikey Polo, spoke out in an exclusive interview with The Sun, wanting to ensure the public that his buddy did not have a drug problem.


Friend Mikey Polo shared thoughts on his late friend exclusively with The Sun[/caption]


He ensured the public that Bobby Jr. was not addicted to drugs[/caption]

He shared: “Bobby was one of my close friends – we would be at the same house, making music together, partying together, chilling together, waking up on the couch and talking to each other.

“It’s a huge shock to me – I was only just with him.

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Bobby Jr.’s friend insists that he was not addicted to drugs[/caption]

“Bobby was a real energetic person, he was cool, we’d all hang around in the same group of friends making music.

“He wasn’t badly harmed or anything like that, he was found dead and we’re still waiting for news on that.”

He added: “It was probably too much partying or something like that.

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Mikey hopes the public doesn’t compare Bobby Jr. to his father or Whitney Houston’s past mistakes[/caption]

“But I want everybody to know that my bro Bobby was one of the best people – I know people are going to look at how his father grew up and everything that Whitney did – but not Bobby.

“He had a lot to live for and if he had a drug problem, trust me, we would have stopped it. I would not let Bobby do anything and f**k up in front of me. I’ve lost too many people to drugs.

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Bobby Sr.’s ex-girlfriend and mother of Bobby Jr., Kim Ward dated the musician for 11 years [/caption]

“I know people are going to say, ‘Oh he’s Bobby Brown’s son he must have taken too much coke or too much whatever’ – I don’t want anybody looking at him like a druggie who overdosed.”

Mikey guarantees that Bobby Jr. was a happy soul, always “smiling, high energy, making music, planning music.”

The young singer’s mother, Kim Ward, dated Bobby Sr. on and off for 11 years before he began his relationship with Whitney Houston.

Kim gave birth to Bobby Jr. the same year that the famed vocalist married Whitney.

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Bobby and Whitney were married in 1992, the year Bobby Jr. was born[/caption]

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Bobby Sr.’s daughter Bobbi Brown also tragically passed, five years before her half-brother[/caption]

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Bobbi’s death was strangely similar to her mother Whitney’s[/caption]

He was one of Bobby Sr.’s seven children, the second to have an untimely passing.

Bobbi Brown, the performer’s daughter with Whitney, also tragically died in 2015.

The Being Bobby Brown star was found lifeless in her bathtub with high levels of cocaine and alcohol in her bloodstream at age 22.

The family attempted to save her life by keeping her on life support for several months before she passed.

Her tragic end was strangely reminiscent of her mother Whitney’s death in 2012.

The “I Will Always Love You” artist was also found dead in her bathtub from cocaine intoxication and coronary artery disease at age 48.


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