Bodies of two newborn boys found wrapped in paper in NYC alleyway after ‘being thrown out of window’

TWO newborn twin boys were found dead wrapped in paper on Monday after apparently being thrown away behind a building in New York City.

Police believe the infants were thrown out a window of the building in the Bronx, the New York Post reported. 

Peter Gerber

The bodies of two infants were found wrapped in paper behind a Bronx residential building[/caption]

Peter Gerber

The boys were found in a back patio area that was not accessible to non-residents[/caption]

One of the boys had a wound that may have happened during birth, and the other boy had his head injured and a blue string around his neck, according to the newspaper. 

A resident at the building, Osvaldo Volquez, 72, said he called 911 on Monday afternoon after the super informed him of the babies. 

He said he observed one of the boys “curled up in the fetal position” in what appeared to be a placenta.

“I could see its little hands and feet,” Volquez said, adding that the fetus looked “fully formed” and about three to four pounds. 

Peter Gerber

Police are seeking help to find the parents and suspects of the crime[/caption]

Peter Gerber

The suspects could be charged for disposing human remains[/caption]

“It is a terrible act of humanity … I don’t know who would do such a thing,” Volquez said.

Drops of blood stained the back patio of the building that did not look accessible to people who do not reside there. 

Mohammed Oumarir, the landlord of the high-rise on College Avenue and East 171st Street, said “it shouldn’t be that way for nobody, even the animals.”

Resident Tytiana Lomax said she felt “shook” and did not remember seeing anyone who looksd pregnant, and that tenants generally know each other.

Police searched surveillance footage and searched around the building for leads on who the parents were and are asking for the public’s assistance in finding the people responsible. 

The suspects could be charged for disposing human remains, among other crimes, according to NYPD Deputy Chief Timothy McCormack.


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