Body language expert reveals how THAT snog at the polo shows how Meghan is ‘submitting’ to her prince – and why it was so much sexier than their ‘savvy’ wedding kiss

MEGHAN Markle and Prince Harry returned to Windsor for the first time since their plush wedding yesterday, and they ignored royal protocol on PDAs to enjoy a smooch at the polo.

But how did their kiss compare to their infamous one outside Windsor Castle on May 19? From their “savvy” wedding kiss to the “sexy” one yesterday, body language expert Judi James reveals all…

Judi James believes Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s ‘intense physical attraction’ showed in their engagement photos

There’s never been any doubt about the intense physical attraction between Meghan and Harry.

We saw it in their engagement photos, when Meghan sat between Harry’s legs in a very intimate way, and we’ve seen their hugely tactile PDAs that have always suggested they can’t keep their hands off one another.

But this kiss at polo probably defines their passion for one another in a way that has never been photographed before.

Their wedding kiss was clearly ‘censored’ for the public occasion and it did appear quite cleverly choreographed.

But the body language expert thinks their wedding kiss was ‘savvy’ and carefully ‘choreographed’ for royal fans
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It was done almost as soon as the couple emerged from the service, in what was possibly a bid to avoid any dithering or clumsiness caused by a delay.

And, in keeping with the theme of equality of the day, with Meghan walking down the aisle alone to meet her Prince, it was rather even-handed.

Meghan kept her head straight and you can see from the rounding of her cheeks that she is smiling as she kisses.

Harry nuzzles into her face and he plants his lips on her lower lip, which is a Hollywood trait of kissing in front of the cameras without smearing lipstick or missing the mouth.

This kiss was romantic but also rather savvy and it could have been Meghan’s TV experience that lent a slightly controlled air to it despite the way it clearly sealed the couple’s love.

Like all good wedding kisses it was perfect for an audience, meaning everyone could coo over the love on display but without getting embarrassed by the passion.

Their smooch at the polo yesterday, on the other hand, was ‘intimate and sexy’
AP:Associated Press

The kiss at polo is a completely different beast though. This kiss is emphatically intimate and sexy.

This time Meghan throws her head back to display her stretched neck in a signal of utter trust and a moment of subtle submission.

There’s no sign of smiling in this kiss as her cheeks aren’t rounded as they were during her wedding kiss and Harry is allowed to take the role of slightly dominant romantic lead, turning his head into the kiss to put more passion into the moment.


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