Body language expert reveals Macron’s power play with Theresa May as they meet for crunch Brexit talks

EMMANUEL Macron today directed a power play at Theresa May as they met for crunch Brexit talks.

A top body language expert revealed the French President was using a “charm offensive” to win over the PM.

Theresa May meeting Emmanuel Macron in Paris
PA:Press Association

The unbalanced display was a far cry from the warm scenes between Mrs May and Angela Merkel when they met earlier in the day, according to Judi James.

She described how Mr Macron grabbed hold of the Prime Minister “to create space and define power” before going in for a traditional Gallic kiss.

Mrs May then attempted to build the bond with her fellow leader by using touchy-feely gestures during the encounter in Paris.

Ms James told The Sun: “May’s responses in these poses suggest she’s on the receiving end of some sort of charm offensive from the French president, despite the fact that his signals are neutral at best and semi-restraining at worst.

“Their greeting ritual involves a bicep clasp from him and an elbow cupping from May.

“This truncated hugging looks like a restraining gesture to create space and define power before the kiss.

“Even when Macron uses one arm to usher May inside she places her hand on his arm to suggest stronger bonds than he might be signalling.”

The PM was earlier at a lunchtime meeting with Mrs Merkel in Berlin.

The French President went in for a kiss
Mr Macron was engaged in a ‘charm offensive’
The PM tried to signal a strong bond with the French leader
PA:Press Association

The German Chancellor looked happy to see her British counterpart while Mrs May carried out a “friends united” routine, according to Ms James.

She said: “May’s exit strategy was to imply friends united though, with some repeated handshaking, with May’s rapid and emphatic head-nodding clearly aimed at suggesting some sort of a ‘win’.”

The PM lobbied the two leaders to back her plea for a three-month delay to Brexit rather than insisting on a longer timescale for the extension.

Theresa May and Angela Merkel showed warm chemistry
AP:Associated Press
The two leaders kissed as they met in Berlin
AP:Associated Press
The German leader threw her arms wide in a gesture of welcome

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