Body language expert reveals truth behind police interview lies of woman who left her boyfriend ‘days from death’ after abuse

CHILLING police interview footage shows the evil lies of an abusive girlfriend who left her starving boyfriend just “ten days from death”.

Sick Jordan Worth spoke in a “childlike” voice as she attempted to dupe cops into believing she was not aggressive or strong enough to attack Alex Skeel.

Jordan Worth lies to police about abusing boyfriend Alex Skeel
The football coach met Jordan Worth when they were both 16 years old
SBNA:South Bedfordshire News Agency

But in reality, she had carried out a vile three year campaign of abuse that saw the 22-year-old hacked at with a bread knife and battered with a hammer.

He was also starved to just seven stone by the 22-year-old fiend, who told him what to wear and isolated him from friends and family.

As the abuse turned more violent, Worth poured boiling water on the dad of her two kids and knocked his tooth out with a hairbrush.

Harrowing police interviews show Worth after she was arrested when brave Alex finally opened up about the abuse he suffered to cops.


Body language expert Judi James told The Mirror: “Jordan is openly trying to present as passive and polite, almost as though she is attempting to take on the role of the victim or at the very least the concerned partner.

“She signals a desire to be as helpful as possible by leaning forward with her arms on the desk in front of her, often with her hands clasped in what is almost a praying gesture.”

In the chilling police interviews, Worth recalled how she knifed her boyfriend with the bread knife.

She said: “I was holding the knife. I just wanted him to come in the house. It was a big one from the kitchen.

“I don’t think it went that far but, it did, there was a lot of blood.”


Worth also revealed how she hit Alex with a hairbrush – causing him to lose a tooth – and told officers she battered him with a hammer with “never hurt him”.

She said: “Whenever we’ve had an argument in the car I’ll just grab my hairbrush that’s on the side and I’ll just sort of hit him either wherever I can.”

But Judi James says her high voice and “delicate gestures” show she is “trying to disprove any suggestions of aggression or strength”.

She added: “Jordan mimes hitting Alex with the hairbrush in a small, inoffensive-looking gesture that also seems like an attempt to normalise her actions.

“The same with the hammer mime, where she talks of ‘taps’ and looks almost as though she’s tapping a boiled egg at breakfast, plus the words ‘I never hurt him’ in a high, almost babylike voice.”

Worth has now been caged for seven-and-a-half years at Luton Crown Court after admitting grievous bodily harm and coercive controlling behaviour.

Dramatic bodycam footage cops released to the BBC shows the moment they discovered “blood everywhere” in the home Alex shared with his ex in Luton.

Officers had been called to the house by neighbours who heard a fight and found injured Alex sat with a towel wrapped around his arm on the stairs.


Brazen Worth calmly told cops her boyfriend had “hurt himself” and suffered from a medical condition that caused him to have “bouts of self harm”.

But suspicions were raised when Worth walked injured Alex out of hospital when he was due to go into surgery.

Second bodycam footage also showed Sgt Ed Finn attending the home after another domestic report in 2017.

The officer said: “As soon as I saw him in the light of day, the state of him to be honest, the countless injuries all over his body, the fact he had these horrible dirty clothes on, he was pale, thin, I thought this is what I think it is…he’s being abused.”

When alone in the police officer’s car, brave Alex opened up about the three years of abuse he suffered as Worth was arrested on suspicion of assault.

Medics who checked him over said he only had 10 days to live, and that he was suffering from hydrocephalus – a build-up of fluid inside the skull – caused by the blunt objects hit at his head.


Alex’s horrific ordeal was exposed in BBC show Abused By My Girlfriend, which was narrated by the brave dad.

In it, he revealed how he felt like he couldn’t escape after meeting Worth through friends in June 2012.

He was left smitten but her controlling behaviour soon crept in and the pair would have constant arguments.

They broke up after Worth snapped his sim card in half but she dropped the bombshell she was pregnant, and gave birth to their son in May 2014.

Alex tried to keep away from Worth but wrongly believed motherhood had changed her and they soon moved in together.

But Worth began to control his life once more and cut off contact between Alex and his family and friends by controlling his phone and social media accounts.

She also played sick mind games and once lied to him about his beloved granddad dying – leaving him in tears.

On another occasion, during a trip to Winter Wonderland, Jordan forced Alex to consume an entire pack of sleeping pills – and he has no idea how he got home.

She even tried to change his name by deed poll and made him sleep on the floor of their bedroom for nine months.


But her mental abuse grew more violent and she stopped Alex from eating – forcing him to just exist on scraps until he lost three stone.

The brute also hit his shins and head with a hammer, struck his legs and hands with knives and poured boiling water on his arms and back as he slept.

She would find any weapon to hand, including a glass bottle, bits of wardrobe, a football pole snapped in half and even a hairbrush.

Recalling one attack, Alex said: “We went out and everything seemed OK. And she said ‘right that’s it’ and picked up her hairbrush and went full on whack. My tooth was near enough off.

“I had no money, I didn’t drive, so in the end I just ripped the tooth out.”

He hoped that the arrival of baby daughter Iris in May 2017 would make the violence go away but a month later, she poured a kettle full of boiling water on him.

“I was backed into the corner upstairs, she lifted the lid up and threw it,” he recalls. “I screamed. Full on screamed.”

Alex has now opened up about his nightmare abuse to encourage other victims to come forward.

He said: “You’re far more of a person if you speak out.

“You’re only going to get better if you talk about it.”

  • Abused By My Girlfriend is available on BBC Three via iPlayer
Worth used a ‘childlike’ voice to try and trick cops
Alex Skeel was discovered in a bloodbath after being attacked by his girlfriend
Alex was discovered starving by police with stab wounds to his arm
The bread knife used by Worth on her boyfriend
The pair kissed and hugged moments before his nightmare came to an end
BBC Three

Worth chucked boiling water on Alex
BBC Three
She also battered him with a hammer
BBC Three
Worth told cops Alex had self-harmed
BBC Three
Alex Skeel, 22, was a victim of domestic violence
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The emotional abuse began when Jordan began telling her boyfriend what to wear
She snapped his SIM card in half during one of their many rows
All broadcast news outlets – including Anglia News; but excluding BBC Look East and East O
Jordan gradually became more and more violent – beating her boyfriend with knives, hairbrush, hammer, poles, a glass bottle and boiling water
South Bedfordshire News Agency


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