Bodyguard episode five clues and theories – who set off the bomb, what’s on the tablet and is Julia Montague really dead?

TONIGHT’S Bodyguard revealed that Julia Montague was secretly blackmailing the Prime Minister and the security service is hunting her ‘kompromat’ with all the details of his murky past on it.

But the device is now in the hands of bodyguard David Budd, who is also on the trail of sacked PR girl Chanel and her criminal boyfriend, who, having played a big role in the first episode, resurfaced tonight, ‘co-incidentally’ bumping into David in a coffee shop.

David was told the bomb didn’t come from within Tahir Mahmood’s briefcase

But we’re still no closer to knowing who exactly set off the bomb and what exactly Julia knew that got her killed.

It’s getting increasingly complicated for David to know who he can trust and who is working against him.

With David’s own friends turning on him and the conspiracy going all the way to the top of the government, let’s look at the theories fans are talking about – and how the hit BBC1 show could end next Sunday.

The PM theory: The Prime Minister ordered Julia dead because she uncovered his murky past

As David found out when he went to internet café, the Prime Minister may have been involved in covering up a sexual assault, a rehab stay and have dodgy business associations. Could the PM be using the security service to keep his past in the past by killing the only person who knew about it – Julia?


Nadia admitted the mysterious man known as Richard Longcross met with her husband before the train incident[/caption]

The criminal theory: Shady gangsters had Julia killed to stop her bill on tracking phones

PR girl Chanel is hanging around with a career criminal whose business would be affected by Julia’s proposed phone tracking bill. Did they rig the stage to blow up and end Julia’s political career – and her life?

The puppet theory: David is being manipulated as part of a war between the security service and the police

For someone who’s almost died (twice) and keeps causing chaos at work, David took a long time to get taken off duty. He’s been given a lot of information and keeps walking into rooms and interrupting meetings. Is he being played by both sides to create a war in a struggle for power? And is that why his bullet was switched for a blank – to keep him alive?

The police discovered the identity of the sniper in episode two
David discovered Julia had serious dirt on the Prime Minister
David shared his finding with Commander Anne Sampson and CSI Lorraine Craddock
Mike Travis and Roger Penhaligon were shaken when they discovered Budd knew about the kompromat

The complicated theory: Everyone wanted Julia dead

What if (stay with us here) Julia’s brushes with death were all separate incidents? The sniper was a traumatised soldier gone rogue. The security service was out to get her because of what she knew about the PM. The gangsters planted the bomb because they didn’t want her to pass the proposed bill. And the school incident really was revenge for David stopping the terrorists. It’s a big stretch – but could this be the final twist?

The Shakespeare theory: Julia’s death is fake

Viewers are convinced that Julia has faked her own death and will come back to life like Juliet in Romeo and Juliet. After all, we didn’t see her body in the hospital bed, and this week, the show flashed back to her underwhelming death announcement.

Budd forced Rob MacDonald to make a statement to SO15


‘Longcross’ is spying on Budd’s safe house[/caption]

Budd told his wife he’d been having an affair with Julia

The similarities with Shakespeare: David tries to kill himself when he realises Julia is dead – like Romeo. Julia sounds like Juliet. Montague is the last name of Romeo’s family in the play.

The warring houses in Shakespeare are like the warring security service and the police. Plus, writer Jed Mercurio’s last name sounds a lot like Mercutio, Romeo’s tragic friend from the play.

As The Sun Online revealed this week, eagle-eyed fans spotted that Keeley Hawes was listed on the Internet Movie Database ( as appearing in the final episode (it’s now been changed to say she only appears in the first four episodes) – although Julia could just appear in a flashback.

David met PR girl Chanel in a coffee shop
David realised he was being played and got a snap of Chanel’s mystery driver
The episode ended with David recovering the kompromat from a photo in Julia’s flat

The bodyguard theory: That David is behind all it all

In the first episode, we saw an obsessed David watching Julia’s speech on repeat. Could the final show see a huge twist and reveal that he’s the one behind the attacks, and her death? Scarred from serving in the army, he could have been turned by his friend, the sniper, and wanted Julia dead.

He’s been at the centre of all the actions – was it a co-incidence he was on the train where Nadia was, or was it all an act to gain the trust of his colleagues in the police and get assigned to Julia as her PPO? Did he give Tahir the go-ahead to walk onto the stage and set off the pressure sensor for the bomb? Was this his plan all along?

The wife theory: David’s estranged partner Vicky is in on it

From the very first episode we learned Vicky has been dating a new man after David moved out of the house because of his post war struggles.

We’re yet to discover the identity of the mystery partner, but with Vicky appearing to be at relative ease at the unique and dangerous situation her family is involved in, could it be that she knows she’s in no real danger? Tonight she failed to mention that Richard Longcross had visited her at work and told her about David’s affair. Longcross was also seen visiting the safe house. Does Vicky know more than she’s letting on?

Can anyone be ruled out?

It appears Julia’s special advisor Rob MacDonald didn’t play a part in the explosion after all. Rob had been captured on CCTV handing Tahir Mahmood the briefcase that everyone thought was housing the explosive that killed Julia. However, tonight it was revealed the bomb was actually planted under the stage.

David tracked down MacDonald and demanded he tell SO15 everything he knew. With a bit of force, Rob caved and revealed he’d slipped in an error strewn speech into the case which he wanted Julia to read at the conference to undermine her. By giving Tahir the responsibility, it would be him who took the rap rather than her trusted advisor.

BBC Press Handout

The explosion at the end of episode three killed Julia Montague… we think[/caption]

And the questions we still need answered …

Does David’s friend Holmby have a secret agenda and why did he get him taken off duty?

Does Louise’s key necklace hint she’s the key to the whole mystery?

Why haven’t the police realised David’s connection to the sniper?
Why is David selling the guns?

And finally… is Julia really dead?

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