[Good to know] The start-up sound of the PS1 is just a patch for a synthesizer

20 years after its release, the Playstation 1 has not yet revealed all its secrets ! A user has found on a page dedicated to a synthesizer that the sound of the introduction of the Playstation 1 was just a patch. We review the introduction of Playstation and we talk about just after.

If you have played the Playstation 1 you probably remember the mythical generic introduction when you turn on the console. It is simple, nothing to hear, it plunges directly to childhood. The site Reverb Machine explains the origin of this sound must. In reality, the sound of the Playstation 1 was made from a patch that is installed on the synthesizer Roland D-50.

This synthesizer was widely used in the late 80’s / early 90’s to compose many of the songs still very famous today. Michael Jackson has used for his songs, Bad, Billie Jean, Liberian Girl or Another Part of Me. This is also the case of the group Enya for the song Orinoco Flow. This synthesizer was very popular with composers, because it was possible to install patches to have even more options in his compositions.

Sony has used a Roland D-50 to compose the sound for the introduction of the PS1, but the crazy thing is that they have taken the patch as-is for the first few seconds of the introduction. They have used the patch “Spacious Sweep”, you can listen to this sound by visiting the site Reverb Machine right here. For the anecdote, the same process was used for the effect choir of the beginning of the credits of the Simpsons. You can also hear this sound on the website Reverb Machine.

Sony may not have done a great job of composition, but what is certain is that today its introduction of the Playstation 1 is still legendary.

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