Boris Johnson demands UK grants asylum to Pakistani mum accused of blasphemy

BORIS Johnson is demanding Britain grants asylum to a Pakistani mum acquitted of blasphemy.

Islamist hate mobs have vowed to kill Asia Bibi — a 53-year-old Christian freed after eight years on death row in Pakistan.


Asia Bibi has been freed after spending eight years on death row for accusations of blasphemy[/caption]

UK campaigners have accused Downing Street of failing to give her sanctuary here amid fears of revenge attacks.

Mr Johnson said in a letter to Home Secretary Sajid Javid: “We cannot allow the threat of violence to deter us from doing the right thing.”

He warned that the “brave” mum of five’s life was in danger and the UK’s position was not “dignified”, the Daily Mail reported.

Mrs Bibi received death threats in Pakistan after her conviction for insulting the Prophet Muhammad was overturned by the country’s Supreme Court last month.

Jon Bond

Boris Johnson has urged the UK to grant Mrs Bibi asylum as he says her life is in danger[/caption]

MPs and peers here have also written to Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt to demand the UK take her in.

Wilson Chowdhry, of the British Pakistani Christian Association, claimed: “Britain was concerned about potential unrest plus attacks on embassies and civilians.

“They have not offered automatic asylum though several countries have come forward. The family will not come to Britain.”

Canada is in talks with Pakistan over giving Ms Bibi sanctuary.


Mrs Bibi’s conviction was overturned last month but she has received many death threats in Pakistan[/caption]


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