Boris Johnson earned £170k last month as he steps up bid to replace Theresa May

BORIS Johnson raked in nearly £170,000 last month as he stepped up his bid to replace Theresa May.

The latest Register of MPs’ financial interests also reveals other leading candidates raking in donations.

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Boris Johnson earned £170,000 last month[/caption]

They included Brexiteer rivals Dominic Raab, who was given £10,000 last month, Michael Gove, who received £5,000 and ex-Tory chief whip Mark Harper, who raked in £11,000.

Boris received an £8,000 gift from JCB in April – the construction firm chaired by Tory donor Lord Bamford.

The Top Tory, who is the current favourite to take over from Mrs May, gave a speech at their HQ earlier this year where he blasted the PM’s Brexit deal and called for her to change tack on leaving the EU before it was too late.

The former Foreign Secretary also raked in a whopping £123,000 for making a speech to India Today last month.

Ten days later he earned another £38,250 for a speech to Citigroup in Canary Wharf.

Mr Johnson already earns £23,000 per month for writing his weekly Daily Telegraph column.


That is all on-top of his £77,000 annual MPs’ salary.

Earlier this year he was also given 2 donations totalling £36,000 by hedge fund manager Johan Christofferson, who has donated to several Tories in the past.

Boris’ Brexiteer rival, Mr Raab, is also set to fight to be a candidate in the upcoming leadership race, but is behind in terms of donations at the moment.

The ex-lawyer this month accepted a £10,000 donation from Toby Ward, an insurance broker.

And in February he received communications training at a value of more than £6,000 from Melior Advisers.

Michael Gove, the Environment Secretary, raked in £5,000 from donor Henry Lumley this month too.

Mr Gove stood in the last leadership race in 2016 but was kicked out early on, and Boris dropped out too.

Theresa May went up against Andrea Leadsom, now the Commons leader, but the latter stood down as well.

Tory MPs whittle down the number of candidates to two, who are then voted on by the party’s thousands of members.



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