Boris Johnson has finally got Brexit under way with a massive majority

Brexit is go

IT’S still hard to take in — but Brexit is finally under way with a massive majority.

Who could have imagined this six months ago? Several times in the last torturous three years The Sun almost gave up hope. But not quite.

The Commons voted 358 to 234 for the Withdrawal Agreement Bill, a 124 majority, after more than a year of Parliamentary trench warfare
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Even we, though, didn’t dare to dream that a proper Brexit — no customs union, no single market, fully taking back control — would pass by a thumping margin under a Boris Johnson Government beginning five years in power.

The Remainer wreckers are gone. Yet, incredibly, Brexit was STILL opposed by the twitching corpse of the Labour Party in a last, spiteful two-fingered gesture to its former voters.

What don’t these MPs get? They bet the house on a “people’s vote” and lost. And yet they still witter on about second referendums, customs unions or otherwise tying ourselves to the EU.

One voice seemed to speak sense. “We recognise the clear message from the public,” said Jeremy Corbyn. “We have to respect that and move on.”

Then, ridiculously, he led his rabble through the lobby to vote against Brexit one last time.

A historic day, with Labour yet again on the wrong side of it. And for Corbyn, a dismal end to his inglorious week of sullen silence and door-slamming petulance.

Blame game

WE’RE confused.

One minute Corbyn takes responsibility for his defeat. The next he blames hostility from “billionaire Press barons”.

The Left think anyone not devoted to socialist purity must have corrupt motives

He cannot grasp a simple reality about The Sun. If we fear a wannabe Government will wreck the economy and destroy our readers’ jobs, we oppose it.

But the Left think anyone not devoted to socialist purity must have corrupt motives. And for these zealots the answer is an even more left-wing leader. Maybe contender Clive Lewis, who makes Corbyn look like Norman Tebbit.

Unless they grow out of this, they will spend their lives in impotent opposition.

Voter ID now

IT is high time to end voter fraud, using compulsory photo ID. We are delighted the Tories aim to do it.

The Left always protests it is so rare it is not worth the fuss. Whatever could they be worried about? Surely not that the poorest will be deprived of their vote, since photo IDs will be free. What other motive could they have?

There is a wealth of first-hand or anecdotal evidence of people voting multiple times in different constituencies, stealing someone else’s vote, voting by post AND in person and so on.

Conviction rates are low only because the system is so wide open it is hard to spot and catch offenders. But this is a serious crime meriting jail every time.

And when so many routine tasks now require ID, one as vital to our democracy as casting your ballot certainly should.


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