Boris Johnson must act now to persuade Cyprus to pardon the Brit in the gang-rape case

Justice, PM

BORIS Johnson must act fast now to ­persuade Cyprus to pardon the 19-year-old British woman in the gang-rape case.

He and Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab must read her and her friend’s interviews on Pages 4 and 5.

Boris Johnson must act now to persuade Cyprus to pardon the Brit, 19, in the gang-rape case
Louis Wood – The Sun

It is obvious she was appallingly treated by police and an angry, erratic judge who single-handedly convicted her of lying while ignoring her defence.

No one can prove what happened in that hotel, though it is highly doubtful a woman would consent to sex with so many men. We do know she was distraught and hysterical immediately afterwards and said she was gang-raped.

She was then bullied, treated as a criminal and denied a lawyer during a farcical police probe while the suspects flew home to a champagne reception.

There is outrage about this conviction in Britain and Cyprus. The woman is due for sentence next Tuesday, to compound the already obvious injustice.

It must not get that far.

Whitehall war

OUR civil service has been a byword for inefficient bureaucracy so long we consider it a permanent fixture of British life.

Forty years ago TV’s Yes, Minister lampooned its many ruses to thwart MPs elected to bring about change.

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Our civil service is ripe for the revolution Boris’s top aide Dominic Cummings believes is now vital[/caption]

Many of its individuals do admirable work. But the institution is ripe for the revolution Boris’s top aide Dominic Cummings believes is now vital.

He aims to end a culture where plodding clock-watchers have jobs for life and failure is routine. Where regular promotions elevate staff beyond their competence and shield them from past mistakes.

Cummings wants a laser-like focus on delivering for voters — so that national renewal is achieved swiftly and extracts value for taxpayers from every Pound.

We welcome it, with one caveat.

The Government must not overlook our most urgent problems while bogged down by its vast reinvention of the civil service.

Keep killers out

THE prospect of IS terrorists using human rights laws to return here to join their children is repugnant.

We plucked these kids from the war zone in good faith. We must not also provide a home for monsters who committed atrocities in Syria and still wish death on us. If the Human Rights Act works against us, it must be repealed.

Nor, regardless of US pressure, should we fly jihadis back for trial unless we are certain they will spend decades in prison. Who believes that will happen?

Hundreds are already here, untouchable by UK law, with scores allegedly developing further plots. Cops are stretched enough without more to watch.

Trained IS killers are more risky even than London Bridge thug Usman Khan.

And look what happened when police lost sight of him.


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