Boris Johnson says EU ‘have us exactly where they wants us’ as he slams Theresa May’s Brexit deal ‘disaster’

BORIS Johnson has said the European Union “have us exactly where they wants us” in his latest takedown of Theresa May’s Brexit deal.

The former foreign secretary branded her plans a “disaster” and a “humiliation” for the UK.

Boris Johnson has used his weekly newspaper column to say the EU ‘have us exactly where they wants us’
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Writing for The Daily Telegraph he said: “The other EU countries have signed the deal immediately, because they know that they have us exactly where they want us.

“We are a satellite state – a memento mori fixed on the walls of Brussels as a ghastly gaping warning to all who try to escape.”

He restated his calls for the backstop to be scrapped, the full payment of £39 billion to be withheld until a trade deal is done and intensified planning for a no-deal Brexit.

Mr Johnson added: “We cannot go on any more with this hopeless can’t-do spirit; this reflexive negativity and defeatism that so woefully underestimates the courage and creativity of the British people.”

Boris has slammed Theresa May’s Brexit deal, labelling it a ‘disaster’
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The former foreign secretary branded the PM’s plans a ‘humiliation’ for the UK

Boris writes: “Yes, there will be some logistical and technical challenges, and yes they will require some effort.

“But it is disgraceful that the Government is – deliberately – allowing those short-term challenges so to dominate the debate that we are ready to consign ourselves to decades as the impotent captive of the EU’s over-taxed, badly regulated, low-growth economic model.”

It comes as The Sun revealed cabinet ministers are already planning for Britain to join an EU halfway house with Labour rebels’ help after giving up hope that Theresa May’s Brexit deal will pass.

Amber Rudd and Michael Gove have formed a cross-Brexit alliance to push for membership of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA).

The move by the Remainer Work and Pensions Secretary and Leave campaign boss Environment Secretary is a last-ditch solution to end an impending national crisis if Parliament fails to agree any Brexit outcome.

The Prime Minister has already written an open letter to the nation setting out her argument about why she thinks we should back her Brexit plan.

She has challenged Jeremy Corbyn to a live TV Brexit debate after urging the nation to back her plan, according to The Telegraph.

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