Boris Johnson will make every decision on Brexit with all-male team of SIX senior ministers as he vows to take Britain out of the EU by ‘any means necessary’

BORIS Johnson has set up an all-male “war cabinet” of six senior ministers tasked with delivering Brexit “by any means necessary.”

The group – comprised of Michael Gove, Sajid Javid, Dominic Raab, Steve Barclay, and Geoffrey Cox – will meet every Monday to chart Britain’s course out of the European Union.

Johnson has ordered Civil Servants to go ‘hell for leather’ for no deal

Michael Gove has been ordered to work around the clock organising Britain’s no-deal preparations.

He is expected to chair seven daily meetings of civil servants and advisers a WEEK until the 2016 referendum result is delivered.

Writing in The Sunday Times, Gove warned that ministers do not believe the EU will back down by reopening Brexit negotiations.

He said: “We still hope they will change their minds, but must operate on the assumption that they will not.


“The prime minister has been crystal clear that that means we must prepare to leave the EU without a deal on October 31.

“You can’t just reheat the dish that’s been sent back and expect that will make it more palatable.”

It comes as Boris’s most senior aide claimed he would force through Brexit “by any means necessary” at a raucous meeting of advisers at Number 10.

The term – lifted from American black rights activist Malcolm X – puts remainers on notice that Johnson is prepared to suspend parliament or hold a general election to secure Brexit on October 31.

Insiders say the government will go “hell for leather” for no deal to see if the EU “blinks” and ditches the hated backstop.

Chancellor Sajid Javid today announced a spending blitz to prepare for NoDeal.

Writing in The Sunday Telegraph, the Treasury Chief pledged to bring in “significant extra funding” to ensure businesses are “fully ready to leave” on Halloween.

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