Boris Johnson would be better than Theresa May to negotiate Brexit and lead the Tories, voters say

BORIS Johnson would be better than Theresa May to negotiate Brexit, voters say today.

The Prime Minister is facing a new crisis as her supporters ditch her and back Ukip – and even members don’t like her Chequers deal, fresh polls reveal.

Boris Johnson is best placed to negotiate Brexit, a new poll shows
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A YouGov survey for the Sunday Times found voters think the ex-Foreign Secretary would be best placed in talks with Brussels – and to lead the Tories into the next election.

But in numbers that will shock No10, it also says that 38 per cent would vote for a new party on the right which was committed to Brexit, while almost a quarter would support a far-right anti-immigrant, anti-Islam party.

And just one in nine voters support her plan, and just 12 per cent think it would be good for Britain.

Most voters don’t think it stays true to the referendum result either.

The numbers will heap pressure on May to change course
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The poll will heap even more pressure on Mrs May to change tack and change the Chequers plan she agreed just over two weeks ago – which has been torn apart by Brexiteers.

But she is being urged to stand firm by businesses who think it will protect jobs.

CBI Director General Carolyn Fairbairn said: “The Chequers proposal does not meet every business hope but, with common sense and extraordinary effort, it can be made to work for firms and form the starting point for a pragmatic Brexit that puts the economy and jobs first.”

Last week Boris delivered a scathing resignation speech in the House of Commons, urging the PM to change her Brexit plans and properly honour the result of the referendum.

“It is not too late to save Brexit,” he told the House of Commons, a week after he quit his job as Foreign Secretary alongside David Davis, who resigned as Brexit Secretary.

“We have time in these negotiations, we have changed tack once and we can change again,” he added.

Next week the Prime Minister will embark on a tour of Britain to try and sell her deal to Tory grassroots.

But she’ll face a tough challenge as a new poll of party members says two in three don’t like it at all.

Tory members hate May’s Brexit deal

TORY members don’t like Theresa May’s Brexit deal and say it would be bad for Britain.

A new survey from ConservativeHome said 67 per cent of those asked said that the Government’s plan, if implemented, would not work out well for the country.

Just over a quarter said it would be a good thing for Britain, and 5 per cent said they didn’t know.

The figures are even worse than a similar poll done for the same website two weeks ago – after the Chequers deal first emerged.

The number of people thinking it was good has slipped, and the number thinking it would be bad has increased – as Mrs May has tried to to sell it to the British people and her party.

She will now go on a tour of Tory associations over the summer to try and turn them around.

Last week Mrs May again defended her deal, saying it was the best way to protect jobs and get a good deal with Brussels.

She urged them to soften their stance and crack on with an agreement, but Michel Barnier trashed her plans.

In a savage press conference the EU boss said her plans could land Europe with more fraud, and might not even be legally feasible.


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