Boris Johnson’s lover Carrie Symonds makes light of ‘plate-smashing’ row by liking tweet about ‘entertainment at No 10’

CARRIE Symonds’ has made light of her “plate-smashing” row with Boris Johnson by liking a tweet about “entertainment at No 1o”.

Cops were called South London flat the PM hopeful shares with Carrie after she was heard screaming “get off me”, on Friday morning.

Boris Johnson pictured with his live-in girlfriend Carrie Symonds
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Boris Johnson pictured with his girlfriend Carrie Symonds[/caption]

The tweet liked by Carrie

Fearful neighbours called 999 over concerns for the 31-year-old spin doctor but Scotland Yard confirmed no offence had taken place.

And Carrie today appeared to make light of the situation by liking tweet made late last night that urged her to “please just carry on”.

The full post, by feature writer Victor Olliver, read: “Dear Carrie Symonds – please just carry on. We must have entertainment at No 10. Three years of boredom is quite enough.”


It comes as Boris today prepares for a grilling at a Tory leadership debate as he faces off with his rival Jeremy Hunt.

Officers were scrambled to the home in Camberwell just after midnight yesterday as the blazing row erupted.

Carrie shouted “get off me” and “get out of my flat” during a bust-up at their home, it was claimed last night.

One neighbour said they heard what appeared to be an angry ­confrontation and recorded it because they feared for Carrie’s safety.

In the recording, Mr Johnson can allegedly be heard refusing to leave the flat and telling his girlfriend to “get off my f***ing laptop” before a loud crash is heard.


Carrie then reportedly told him he had ruined a sofa with red wine and added: “You just don’t care for anything because you’re spoilt. You have no care for money or anything.”

The neighbour said: “There was a smashing sound of what sounded like plates.

“There were a couple of very loud screams that I’m certain were Carrie and she was shouting to ‘get out’ a lot.

“She was saying ‘get out of my flat’ and he was saying no. And then there was silence after  the screaming.

“My wife, who was in bed half asleep, had heard a loud bang and the house shook.”

After the row ended, the neighbour knocked on the door of the flat in a Victorian house to check up on Carrie.

The neighbour said: “I was hoping that someone would answer and say, ‘We’re OK’. I knocked three times and no one came to the door.”

The neighbour then called 999. Two response cars and a police van rushed to the scene and quizzed the Tory leadership race front-runner and Carrie.


Last night the couple tried to play down the incident — telling friends they did have a row but insisting it was not serious.

But stunned allies of the former Foreign Secretary were trying to get hold of the tape to assess the potential damage for themselves.

And there were unconfirmed reports Johnson may seek an injunction over it.

Scotland Yard said last night the pair were “safe and well” and no offences had been committed.

A spokesman said: “At 00.24hrs, police responded to a call from a resident in the SE5 area of Camberwell.

“The caller was concerned for the welfare of a female neighbour.

“Police attended and spoke to all occupants of the address who were all safe and well.

“There were no offences or ­concerns apparent to the officers and there was no cause for police action.”

Boris Johnson leaves the London flat he shares with his partner

The Tory politician leaving the London flat he shares with his partner hours before the row[/caption]

Johnson split with his wife Marina Wheeler last year and began a relationship with Symonds (above)
Darren Fletcher – The Sun

Johnson split with his wife last year and began a relationship with Symonds (above)[/caption]

Carrie Symonds has been dating Boris Johnson since last year
PR expert Carrie has been dating the Conservative Party favourite since last year
Boris Johnson with his estranged wife Marina Wheeler before they split
Boris Johnson with his estranged wife Marina Wheeler before they split
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