Boris Johnson’s most pressing task after Brexit is tackling the state of crime and punishment in Britain

Time to get a grip of law & order

BRITAIN’S violent, drug-ridden and overcrowded jails have long been a national disgrace — but they are also outrageously expensive to maintain.

The cost to taxpayers of keeping a lag behind bars now averages out at a jaw-dropping £118 a day, compared with £91 in France and £50 in Spain.


Boris Johnson’s first task after Brexit is to tackle crime and punishment in Britain, it’s an enormous job and Boris can’t waste any time[/caption]

It’s a bill which has risen by nearly six per cent in the past 12 months.

What’s more this expense can double to almost £240 a day for terrorists, murderers and rapists — the equivalent of a stay in a five-star hotel.

This record level of spending might be justified if the public was safer, but the system is at breaking point.

Of course, the Government must treat inmates humanely, and many crumbling Victorian jails need updating.

But the spiralling cost is yet another alarming symptom of a justice system out of control.

After Brexit, Boris Johnson’s most pressing task is to tackle the rotten state of crime and punishment in Britain.

In a small first step, the PM is to sink £35million into the country’s worst crime hotspots to help stop youngsters being sucked into violent gangs.

With 20,000 more cops on the beat and harsher sentences for serious crimes, Boris can begin to turn the crisis around.

But a root and branch reform of the whole creaking and wasteful system is urgently needed. It’s an enormous job and Boris has no time to lose.

Red and buried

LABOUR’S bigwigs have predictably reverted to type following their General Election drubbing, by fighting like rats in a sack.

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Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s exit was plotted by union boss Len McCluskey years ago[/caption]

The latest senior figure to blame his former colleagues for their crushing defeat is ex-deputy Tom Watson.

He reveals that “brutality and hostility” forced him out of his job and claims union baron Red Len McCluskey was plotting the exit of his supposedly staunch ally Jeremy Corbyn as early as 2016.

With such deep splits at the heart of Labour, it will never make a comeback until it has a wholesale clearout of the hard Left.

2020 foresight

AFTER another roller-coaster year and a cliff-edge election, we can finally look forward to a New Year packed with promise.

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Gareth Southgate’s team is hoped to go all the way to the Wembley final at football’s European Championships[/caption]

Not only will we finally quit the EU, but we can enjoy all the thrills of the Olympics and cheering England at football’s European Championships.

Let’s hope Gareth Southgate’s team go all the way to the Wembley final.

It’s one Euro extension we WOULD be in favour of!


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