Boy and girl, 15, ‘killed young mom, 20, with “mental health issues” as revenge for showing explicit pics’

TWO 15-year-old teenagers allegedly killed a young mother in a “revenge homicide” in New York City after a female suspect blamed the mom for exposing sexually explicit photos of her.

The 15-year-old female suspect is accused of leading Nyla Bond, 20, to the hallway of an apartment where a 15-year-old boy fatally stabbed Bond in the chest, The New York Daily News reported on Tuesday. 


The victim, Nyla Bond, 20, had an 11-month-old son[/caption]

Surveillance footage from the Nov. 2 crime showed the female suspect walking with Bond in the fourth floor of the Bronx apartment where Bond’s father resided, according to police.

Two young men were captured on video waiting in the hallway of the Mount Eden residence.

One of the boys stabbed Bond in her chest, while the other boy hit her with what appeared to be a cane.   

The female suspect believed Bond made explicit photos of her public—though it was not confirmed that it was Bond who released them—and plotted to kill her along with the boys, cops said.

“This is a planned revenge homicide,” a police source told The Daily News. 

The female suspect is believed to previously have been romantically involved with Bond, who was the mother of an 11-month-old boy and had mental issues.


A female suspect accused Nyla Bond of making sexually explicit photos of her public[/caption]

A day after the killing, the female suspect sent a Facebook message to Bond’s mother, Shadonna Watson, stating, “So sorry for your loss, mama bear.” 

Watson said the girl “set my daughter up” and that she had previously attacked Bond.

“This girl is the devil. That girl cut my daughter a few weeks ago. If she did that, she probably came back to finish the job,” Watson said, adding that she thinks the Facebook message was meant to keep cops away. 

Bond filed a complaint on Oct. 13 stating that an ex had stabbed her in the back and buttocks and slashed her face.

However, Bond only knew the girl’s nickname, which made it difficult for police to investigate and make an arrest. 

The female suspect and boy who was caught on camera with the knife are charged with murder, manslaughter and possession of a weapon. 

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Nyla Bond was murdered in the hallway of her father’s apartment complex in the Bronx[/caption]

A third suspect remains at large. 

The female suspect, arrested two days after the murder, had not previously been detained.

Meanwhile, the boy who allegedly stabbed Bond was detained on Monday and had been arrested last year for assault and robbery. 

Bond had 14 non-sealed arrests that included assault, robbery, petty larceny and a marijuana case.

After turning 16, Bond wound up in psych wards and on the streets.

However, Bond’s neighbors and mother remembered her as “gentle, loving.” 

Watson said she did not care how old the suspects were who killed her daughter.

“They savagely murdered my daughter. My daughter was a beautiful person. She was loved,” Watson said.


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