Turning in the heart of Paris : two men escape with luxury watches

Two armed men robbed Saturday a jewelry store in Paris before taking flight, carrying several of the luxury watches, a-t-on learned from police source. With handguns, the robbers broke in the early afternoon in a boutique of the swiss watchmaker Audemars Piguet located in rue Pierre-Charron in the chic Eighth arrondissement, said this source , confirming information Parisien.

After be in possession of several watches, they have managed to take flight to the edge of a car. The amount of the loot has not been unveiled in the immediate future. An investigation for theft with a weapon in the organised and criminal conspiracy has been opened and assigned to the Brigade for the repression of banditry, a-t-on learned from justice source.

200 000 euros of the loot stolen in mid-July

In mid-July, another luxury boutique had been the target of a heist in the heart of Paris where an armed man was given the watches, in the amount of 200,000 euros in a shop in the Seventh arrondissement before taking flight.

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