Brexit boost as Australia’s new high commissioner says Britain will do BETTER outside the EU

BREXIT Britain will do better outside the EU as it is a “huge opportunity” for more trade around the world, Australia’s new high commissioner has declared.

In a huge boost as the country gears up for our EU exit next March, George Brandis said Brexit was an event “of profound significance” and one that would “give Britain much greater flexibility” for years to come.

Britain will have a historic opportunity to look out to the world after Brexit, the new Australian high commissioner has said

As Theresa May fights to secure a deal with Brussels, the Australian diplomat, 61. insisted that our historic vote to leave was a huge turning point in our history.

And that it created chances for Britain to look beyond Europe and across the world for new historic trading partners.

Mr Brandis, who came into the top job in May, told CapX: “Britain’s trade policy for 40 years has essentially be sub-contracted to the EU… now it will and indeed must have an independent trade policy which will give Britain much greater flexibility of movement beyond Continental Europe.”

He added: “It does create huge opportunities for Britain beyond Europe, across the Atlantic and in Asia and Australasia.”

Theresa May is trying to get a deal with the EU – but wants to sign trade deals with others around the world when we leave

And he told Brits that although there was uncertainty about what leaving the EU would look like, Britain would prosper no matter what.

“If ever there is a nation in modern history whose prosperity has been the outcome of international trade, it’s Britain,” he insisted.

“More so than any nation you can think about.”

Mr Brandis, who has served as the Attorney-General for Australia and was a minister under ex-PMs Malcolm Turnbull and Tony Abbott, denied that Brexit was a populist decision, and suggested instead that it was the result of “40 years of Euroscepticism”.

Mr Brandis was born in Sydney and has spent most of his life in Australia – but went to school in Lewisham as a kid and went on to get a law degree from Oxford University.

Over the summer is was announced that Britain would build a set of warships for Australia in a £20billion deal that saw the UK fight off competition from the EU.

Prime Minister Theresa May helped to fight off competition from Spain and Italy to win the massive contract, which secures more than 4,000 jobs.



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