Brexit latest news LIVE – Breakthrough as ‘Boris tunnel’ to Northern Ireland to get green light in weeks ending tensions

A NEW tunnel linking Britain to Northern Ireland could get the green light within weeks, it has been claimed.

The connection, dubbed the ‘Boris Burrow’, could unblock post-Brexit trade tensions which have plagued the area since the start of the year.

The tunnel – which would run between Stranraer in Scotland and Larne in Northern Ireland – would also be the first time all four UK nations will be connected by a land link.

Such a move would be a massive boost for unionist in Northern Ireland who’ve accused the Government of abandoning them to relentless EU customs checks on cargo travelling from Britain, The Telegraph reported.

During Brexit, Northern Ireland was promised there would be no border created in the Irish Sea.

But many have argued that by allowing such extensive EU custom checks in the Irish Sea in order to prevent a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, a border has effectively been created.

Sir Peter Hendy, chairman of Network Rail, will now carry out a major study to establish whether such a link – which would be as long as the Channel Tunnel between England and France – is feasible.

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