Brexit news – WHO chief brands EU vaccine blocking a ‘catastrophic moral failure’ that will keep ‘pandemic burning’

A WORLD Health Organisation chief has branded the EU’s vaccine blocking a ‘catastrophic moral failure’ that will keep ‘pandemic the burning’.

Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus warned “vaccine nationalism” could lead to a “protracted recovery” after the EU backtracked from a decision to block vaccine exports at the Irish border.

Speaking at the Davos Agenda, Dr Ghebreyesus said hoarding vaccines would “keep the pandemic burning and… low global economic recovery”.

He also said withholding vaccines would be a “catastrophic moral failure” that could increase global inequality.

The news comes as Tory MP Julian Smith slammed the EU’s “Trumpian” plans to block life saving Covid jabs from entering the UK, saying the bloc “cocked up big time”.

The former Northern Ireland Secretary said: “The EU cocked up big time last night, but we all need to work in the interest of preserving Northern Ireland.

“It is not just a backdoor for goods going to Britain, it is a very sensitive place and we have a duty between the EU and UK to ensure there is no hard border.”

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